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Creating Banquet Event Orders, Proposals and Contracts for your events is a time consuming, soul-sucking experience. With Tripleseat, create any document in seconds, not hours and never cut and paste again.

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Free Banquet Event Orders for your venue.

We’ve created a handful of Banquet Event Order templates for those who like it the old fashioned way.

  • Basic BEO

    A simplistic two column design that has all you need in a Banquet Event Order.

    View + Download
  • Two Column Blue

    A two column BEO template that displays event details in organized sections

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Banquet Event Orders as simple as 1-2-3

  • Easily and quickly create custom menus without having to cut or paste

  • Discount individual items or by category

  • Create one Banquet Event Order and have multiple views for the guest or the chef

  • Accept online signatures and credit card payments directly from the documents

  • Notification when a guest signs or opens the document

  • Send and receive messages and documents directly from Tripleseat

  • Create online BEO’s, Contracts, and Proposals

  • Customize all documents to match your venues style and branding

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