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The Guest Portal

Welcome to part 2 of the new release scheduled for release this January. In this post, I would like to introduce to you the new Guest Portal.

With Tripleseat, once you create a Document (Proposal/Banquet Event Order/Contract..etc.) you are able to share it with your guests via a url or a PDF. With this release, our goal was to make the web version have a more attractive design and be interactive for both you and your clients.

We have completely redesigned the process of sharing Documents and the experience for your guests.

To share any Document, simply select the Share button. This will open a dialog that lets you configure a message that will be emailed to the guests. The email will also automatically include a link them to the document through our new customer portal.

Once your customer opens the link, they will be automatically be logged into their own personal web portal where they will find all their past and future bookings, including any Documents that you’ve shared with them. Additionally, your guests will be able to review and respond to any discussions that you’ve allow them to see. All discussions automatically synced back to the booking and document within Tripleseat.





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