Happy 4th of July weekend from all of us here at Tripleseat! First off, we hope you have a great time whatever it is you decide to do this holiday weekend. We here at Tripleseat are truly proud to be Americans! Second, we wanted to compile a list of some of the great American traditions we have here in the United States to do on our very own holiday! Also, this may help a few of you figure out how to spend the rest of your holiday weekend in case you were running low on ideas. As always, feel free to let us know which great traditions we missed and what your favorite traditions are. We’d love to hear from you. Without further ado, here are Tripleseat’s Top 10 4th of July traditions:

10. Camping in the great outdoors.

9. Watching patriotic movies on television.

8. Celebrating America’s favorite past time by attending a baseball game.

7. Playing a backyard wiffle ball game.

6. Enjoying a few “adult beverages” in the beautiful July weather.

5. Grilling BBQ with friends and family.

4. Going fishing.

3. Roman candle wars!

2. Spending the afternoon on a boat.

1. Enjoying a 4th of July evening firework show with friends and loved ones!

Once again have a spectacular holiday weekend and safe travels to those of you who will either be on the road or flying.


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