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  • Big Event Fail: A Double-Booking Fiasco

    It’s a question that keeps event professionals up all night: “Did I double-book?” In this week’s Big Event Fail post, Sarah Dunn, event manager at Monroe, explains the consequences of accidentally double-booking her venue for a particularly large group. The chaotic behind-the-scenes of going through the booking process with a potential customer ended up leading […]

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  • Feature Spotlight: Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform (TARP)

    One of the benefits of using modern, cloud-based business software is all of the reporting and data your restaurant, hotel, or venue can access anytime, anywhere, on any device. And that data equals revenue. Tripleseat users have access to a tool that takes reporting and data to a whole new level: Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform […]

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  • How 2 Venues Boosted Sales Up to $10,000 a Month With Tripleseat

    Nashville has been in the spotlight the last few years as one of America’s hottest cities — it’s experienced a surge of job growth, new residents, and new businesses, including a booming restaurant and foodie scene. So it’s no surprise that two of A. Marshall Hospitality’s Nashville venues — Deacon’s New South and Puckett’s — […]

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