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  • How to Spend Your Time Now, to Prepare for the Future

    Event professionals are used to a go-go-go lifestyle; you are constantly planning, producing, and executing. But, what happens when you’re forced to stand still for a moment? Shutting down completely isn’t an option, especially when you don’t know at what point you’ll be called back into action. For this unprecedented furlough, continuing to educate yourself […]

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  • Join the April Event Manager Bingo Challenge on Instagram

    We know that the hospitality industry is going through a challenging time right now, so we want to bring our customers some joy with productive and fun challenges. Join us in participating in Tripleseat’s April Event Manager Bingo Challenge on Instagram! Check out the bingo board below and get started on filling your board from […]

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  • 5 Productive Things Restaurants Can Do During Slow Periods

    It’s no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the restaurant and hospitality industry. Around the world, restaurants are temporarily shuttering their dining rooms and trying to stay afloat on takeout and delivery — resulting in a lot of downtime for restaurant chefs, managers, and remaining staff. While this slow period is obviously […]

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  • This Week in Hospitality

    We’re still in this together. Here is my weekly roundup of hospitality news surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. Lease lessons With many restaurants facing closures amidst the Covid-19 crisis, and until the government issues a rent freeze, struggling owners are dealing with hard questions surrounding their lease contracts. Keeping an open line of communication with your […]

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  • This Week In Hospitality

    The very core of the hospitality industry was built around the idea of being social. So what happens when the act of being social is banned? It sounds like a nightmare, and it feels like one too. With more than a million restaurants in the United States alone, the Coronavirus pandemic is a nightmare that […]

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  • Restaurants with the Best Takeout and Delivery in Your Area

    Takeout and delivery have become a necessity for customers who are spending more time at home and less time in public spaces in order to avoid the Coronavirus. As a way to help promote our restaurant customers, we’ve put together this public list of restaurants across the United States that offer takeout and delivery services […]

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  • 4 Examples of How Restaurants Have Adapted to the Coronavirus

    As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to force restaurants to close their doors to in-house dining, restaurants are trying their hardest to creatively adapt to the new normal. This includes restaurants creating takeout operations where none existed, bars offering cocktail delivery, and promoting do-it-yourself “survival kits.” We found some particularly creative venues giving us hope during […]

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  • 8 Ways to Support Local Restaurants During the Coronavirus

    As people around the globe are being implored to stay home and avoid social settings, the restaurant industry is bearing the brunt of the Coronavirus pandemic’s negative economic effects. More and more restaurants are being ordered to move to a takeout/delivery-only model for the foreseeable future, causing food service workers to be laid off and […]

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  • Adapting Your Business to Change with Tripleseat

    This is a difficult time for the hospitality industry. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused government agencies to limit opportunities for people to come into contact with large groups in order to reduce exposure and spread the virus, which means event cancellations as well as closures or limited hours for businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and unique […]

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