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When Tripleseat launched in late 2008 our web application started a new way of thinking about Sales and Event Management. No longer did Owners and Operators think of their event space as something they use just for the “holidays” Tripleseat ushered in a new generation of Event professionals who set out to prove that the event… Read More

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Tripleseat for over a year now has been hosting a “Happy Hour For Tripleseat Customers” in eight different cities across the U.S. All the Happy Hours have been at our customers venues and they have been a fun experience for all. The Drinks with Tripleseat is a great opportunity for our customers to share their… Read More

It has been awhile since I took a deep dive into the data on how the event business is doing. With over 2,000 venues and more than one million events managed by Tripleseat we have a deep data set to understand such things as the average Price Per Person for an event per year or… Read More

“Wow” was the word of the week as the entire Tripleseat crew went to Nantucket for the Nantucket Wine Festival. Tripleseat as one of the sponsors of the festival was able to participate in all the events and take some time for a well deserved mini vacation. Over the last few years we were lucky… Read More

Sean Hogan, our South East Sales Manager has found his true calling as a Video Director. Check out his Directorial debut with this new Tripleseat video. Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this… Read More

Tripleseat has so many useful and cutting edge features it can be hard to keep track of everything the web application does. Check out this list of awesome features designed to make your life easier and to book more event business: Print All Your BEO (Banquet Event Orders) At Once-Yup, you can download to a… Read More

  How many hoops do you make your prospects jump thru to book an event? After all the negotiations, site reviews and food tasting your prospect is now ready to book with you, but your procedures for booking may cause them to have second thoughts. It is common for venues like restaurants and hotels to… Read More

  Fast on the heels of our recent release of the Guest Portal in February we have just released and rolled out Attachements for Discussions. Attachments was one of our biggest requests and we have delivered! With this update you can attach any documents, like floor plans or menus or pictures to any Discussion in the Event… Read More

Well, alright, alright, alright. We have released our new redesigned Customer Portal. What is the Customer Portal? Back in 2013 we released a way for your customers to see their Banquet Event Orders and Contracts online in a secure central area called the Customer Portal.(The Customer Portal is another first in a long line of… Read More

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