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  Haus is a super cool venue in downtown NYC that’s been on the scene just about a year. They’ve made a big splash on the nightclub scene and aren’t going anywhere. Their Director of Events, Nicole Gordon, recently started using Tripleseat to manage their influx of events. She sat down with Tripleseat to answer some questions… Read More


How Ugly Is Your Office?

If you are not familiar with the restaurant business, you would guess that the office at the restaurant is as nice as the restaurant itself. Unfortunately, you would have been wrong. The office at the restaurant is usually an afterthought and is located somewhere in the basement next to the walk-in refrigerator or someplace worse. Why… Read More

    Our own Brian Neste (Product and Customer Relations Guru) and Sean Hogan (Rockstar Sales Director)  hosted happy hour drinks at the uber-cool Libertine on Thursday, April 23 for Tripleseat Party People. Customers from Cara Irish Pubs, Pittsburgh Blue, Axel’s Bonfire, Mozza Mia, The Libertine, The Living Room & Prohibition,  Manny’s Steakhouse, Coup d’etat,… Read More

TRIPLESEAT EVENT PLANNER PORTAL I am excited to announce our latest update the Tripleseat Event Planner Portal. This is more of a re-do than a new feature. Tripleseat has always had a guest facing web product commonly called the “Guest webpage” What we did is to revamp this page to be much, much more useful… Read More

  Beautique Restaurant is a relatively new kid on the NYC block, but it is making a name for itself! This modern American restaurant located just steps from the iconic Plaza Hotel and Paris Theater showcase market-fresh ingredients and classic French technique. The sprawling space features a sleek and romantic decor that channels the spirit of… Read More

LDV Hospitality has some of the hottest restaurants, bars, and lounges across the country. They do a large volume of private events on any given week. Ashley Noor joined LDV as the Director of Marketing & Events with the initiative to identify global branding opportunities for all existing LDV brands and connect them within the… Read More

Tripleseat has well over 8,000 Event Managers, Chefs, Owners and Floor Manager that uses Tripleseat everyday to help them book and plan special events. We went out and asked our users how life was before Tripleseat and how it has changed since. First up is Bobbilyn Jones, an Event Manager for the beautiful Fleetwood’s on Front Street… Read More

The Holiday event season might be over, but the party continues well past December for restaurants and hotels. Private events, banquets and corporate meetings took a serious downturn from 2009 to 2012 with many feeling, well, like, that the party was over.. permanently. With 2013 restaurants, hotels and unique venues started to see a rebound… Read More

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