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What We Are Up To In 2015

Well, 2014 is in the books and we are looking forward to some great new projects for 2015.  In 2014 we developed a ton of new features for Tripleseat. Here is a small sampling: Multiple Events to a Booking Download Multiple Docs at once Floorplan Integration (Social Tables) Auto Tasks Mailchimp Integration Billing with Stripe… Read More

Well, it looks like the Holiday Season for 2014 was one for the books. Higher occupancy, higher Price Per Person and higher average Event Revenue. Everything was up up up. While you were busy with your Holiday events and private parties, Tripleseat was busy rolling out some great new features. Revamped Venue Directorory Alpha Searching-Visitors… Read More

Well, we have done it again. A new update that allows you to download one or many documents like BEO (Banquet Event Orders), Contracts, Chef Sheets, Proposals etc. over a defined time period across all Bookings. We have made it super simple to download all the Docs and their related views and to print them all… Read More


Multi-Events Update

So the big day is close at hand. We are all but finished with the development of the ability to add multiple events to a single Booking. Currently, in Tripleseat a Booking and an Event are the same thing. This has worked for a majority of you, but the event business is evolving rapidly and now… Read More


The Holiday Season Starts Now!

  • September 22nd, 2014
  • Author: Jono
  • Misc

It is hard to believe but if you have not started to plan and market your event space for the upcoming holiday season you are behind. Yup, I know, it is 80 degrees out and sunny but you have to be play to win if you are going to be successful this holiday season. I… Read More


Tripleseat Facts

I should not be surprised that our competition is out there talking gibberish about Tripleseat. When you are desperate, you will do desperate things. So, here are some interesting facts about Tripleseat that can be supported. Tripleseat Facts: When I started Tripleseat in 2008 it was to help Event Managers do their job better and… Read More

Good news! Our integration to Social Tables is done. *Trumpets and horns* What this means is that you can now easily and quickly create online floorplans or seating charts for your events. Gone are the days of tracing a nickel  on a piece of paper to represent a table. With this integration you simple click the… Read More

Tripleseat Announces Partnership with Social Tables This partnership offers Tripleseat’s customers the ability to add customized online floor plans and seating charts to their events through the Social Tables suite of products. The integration will enhance event planning professional’s ability to execute tasks in a more strategic, collaborative manner during all stages of event production…. Read More

  I am happy to announce that we have added Auto Tasks to Tripleseat.  Until Tripleseat, Auto Tasks in other software programs have been a lot of noise and, to be honest, not a lot of value to the end user. We knew we could do it better and we have. We wanted to eliminate the… Read More

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No, Tripleseat Is The Leader.

I am almost embarrassed to write this post. Almost. In the last few months there have been a few Event Management software companies out there claiming they are the leader in the market or the “only” company that provides Event Management software for restaurants. These claims should not bother me, it is just marketing fluff, but… Read More

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