Our Story

The Idea

In late 2007, Jonathan had what could be described as a failed event at a restaurant in Chicago. When he inquired as to why things went so badly, he was informed that the restaurant event manager lost all the paperwork a few days before the event. Needless to say, it was shocking to find out that the restaurant was still using a manual process to manage the event details.

After further research, Jonathan learned that most restaurants use some type of manual process with email, Word, Excel, notebooks, folders, post-it notes, and wall calendars. When asked why, the response was that there was no cost effective, easy-to-use software built for the restaurant business. Thus the idea for Tripleseat was born.


The Technology

At about the same time, Dusty and Kevin were smack in the middle of building a software consulting company called Brightmix in the middle of the country. They were opinionated guys with regards to the software they developed, valuing such things as great design, great software process, and a commitment to the latest and greatest technologies.

They also cared deeply about the culture that it takes to build a world-class software company. Namely, great software people (and great people in general) have their choice of where they want to work, and if you want them to work with you, you need to pay special attention to your company culture.

The Partnership

In November of 2007, Jonathan approached the Brightmix guys to see if they might be interested in partnering on the idea. After many conference calls and emails, the decision was made to move forward with the opportunity. Kevin and Dusty made a trip out to Boston, and over the course of a handful of days, the very first version of the Tripleseat software was mapped out.


The Company

Following the initial planning session, the software developed quickly, and soon was in a place where the first restaurant customers could start realizing the benefits that Tripleseat had to offer. Over the subsequent couple of years, the Tripleseat team, product and customer base have continued to grow rapidly. Each and every day, new features are added, and new customers come on board.

In November 2010, Tripleseat received a venture capital investment from Dundee Venture Capital. These additional funds allowed the Tripleseat team to come together, and truly focus on building the best application and experience possible for the private dining and banquet industries.

Today Tripleseat continues down the path of truly helping to take the stress out of the event manageme`nt process. From finding an event venue, to booking and managing that process, the Tripleseat team is dedicated to streamlining that process, and making our customers happy at every turn.

The Future

Though we’ve come a long way already, we believe we haven’t yet scratched the surface of what we can do to help streamline the event planning process for restaurants and venues, and to connect them with their customers in efficient and effective ways. Hang tight, and hold on for the ride.


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