What better way to kick off the New Year than with a refresher on email marketing? Email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy when executed correctly, and is made up of many more elements than someone unfamiliar with it may think.

On this week’s episode of Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats, Kate and I dive into everything about email marketing. From gathering email addresses, segmenting lists, creating intentional calls to action, setting up drip campaigns, and more, this episode will provide great insight when it comes to using email marketing to promote your restaurant, hotel, or venue. Feel free to send your marketing emails our way to 2chicks3seats@tripleseat.com.

Check out Episode 32: Email Marketing Tips to Set Your Restaurant or Venue Up For Success in 2021, available on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts!

How are you preparing for 2021?

As we move into a fresh year, new month, and hopefully more progress with COVID-19 vaccines, we want to hear how you are planning for 2021 at your restaurant, hotel, or event venue. Do you have new offerings for the year? New virtual event ideas? Valentine’s Day promotions? Let us know by reaching out via email at 2chicks3seats@tripleseat.com.


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