Restaurants have gone through many changes over the past eight months as the coronavirus pandemic has moved like a rollercoaster across the world. They have had to change their business models in order to adapt to a new way of life, which has been difficult, yet also makes small wins during this time even more rewarding.

No one knew the answer to life in a pandemic, but many restaurants have learned tremendously through experience and have been able to get into a groove to drive revenue in ways they would have never imagined in a pre-COVID world. Boka Restaurant Group, located in Chicago, is an example of a business that has worked together to find creative and innovative solutions to the pandemic’s challenges in the hospitality industry.

On today’s episode of Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats, Kate and I sit down with Arianna Favia, Director of Restaurant Event Sales at Boka Restaurant Group. Favia and her team at Boka Restaurant Group have done a wonderful job pivoting throughout the pandemic, especially when it comes to starting a takeout program from scratch, working with local partners, and creating extremely unique virtual experiences. Favia shares her experiences, wisdom, and tips on the episode, which are certain to assist and inspire other event professionals who listen to this episode! Boka Restaurant Group’s 23 locations include Boka, Momotaro, and Bellemore, among others.

Check out Episode 29: Creating a Pandemic Proof System with Boka Restaurant Group’s Director of Restaurant Event Sales, Arianna Favia, anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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Have you been pivoting in a similar way to Boka Restaurant Group throughout the pandemic? Were you inspired by the ideas in the episode? We would love to hear all about your restaurant or venue’s plans for the holiday season and beyond via email at!


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