On last week’s episode of Tripleseat’s Two Chicks, Three Seats podcast, Kate Kennedy and I discuss the important, but often difficult task of adjusting a restaurant space in order to accommodate operations while following COVID-19 protocols. This week, we decided to continue that conversation with an expert in the field.

Our guest for this week’s episode is Katie Perkins, the owner of New York City-based Kaper Design. Perkins helps restaurants create functional, unique, and curated restaurant and cafe spaces. The firm has been busy helping clients adjust their spaces throughout the pandemic.

On this week’s episode, Perkins shares the design process she goes through when working with clients, easy tips to consider when adjusting a restaurant, and insight into other ways restaurants can adjust the hospitality experience to the current environment.

To learn more about Katie and Kaper Design:

Check out Episode 17: Tips for Adjusting Your Restaurant’s Space with Design Expert Katie Perkins, on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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