Toot toot – the Tripleseat upgrade train is on the move again! Last week we made some improvements to Booking Export and a few other features. Without wasting any time, we just released another batch of frequently requested features and improvements. Lets get down to business:

View your Tripleseat Calendar in Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple ICal, and Mobile Devices

Do you wish you could see your Tripleseat Events on your “every day” Calendar application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar? You can now easily and automatically include your Tripleseat Event Calendar in other Calendar applications.

Calendar Subscriptions

To see all of your available Tripleseat Calendar subscriptions, go to Calendar -> Exports. Here, you will see all of your calendar subscriptions – each one has its own unique URL (e.g.,

We segmented Calendar subscriptions out so you can see all bookings, bookings by restaurant, or bookings by room. This will allows you to organize and color code Tripleseat Calendars in external applications like Outlook or Google Calendar.

In the screenshot below, I’ve added subscriptions for three of my rooms in Google Calendar, each can be turned off and on and color coded to my liking.

Room Subscriptions Example

A Quick Guide to Adding Tripleseat Calendars in Outlook, ICal, Google Calendar, Etc.

Microsoft Outlook:

For Outlook 2007 and greater, simply click on the Add to Outlook / ICal link next to the Calendar you wish to add. If your browser asks which application to use to open the file, select Microsoft Outlook.

If the above method fails, you can manually add the calendar to Outlook by opening Outlook, going to Account Settings -> Internet Calendars -> New, and copy/paste in the URL for the Tripleseat Calendar you want to add. For more information or help, click here.

If you’re using Outlook 2003, you will have to download and install this 3rd party plugin to enable Internet Calendar Subscriptions.

Note: whenever you click “send/receive” in Outlook, it will automatically refresh any Tripleseat Calendars you have added.

Google Calendar:

In the left-hand sidebar under Other Calendars, click “add,” then “Add by URL,” and then paste in the Tripleseat Calendar URL into the pop-up window. Once it has been added, you can go to “Settings” under the Other Calendars section and change the name of the Calendar.

Note: disappointingly, due to limitations in Google Calendar, Calendars add via “Add by URL” only get updated roughly every 12 – 24 hours.

Apple ICal:

Simply click on the Add to Outlook / ICal link next to the Calendar you wish to add. If your browser asks which application to use to open the file, select ICal.

If the above method fails, open up ICal, right-click on the Calendars sidebar, click “Subscribe”, then paste in the URL to your Tripleseat Calendar.

IPhones, Blackberries, Droid, and other Mobile Phones:

I can’t cover how to add Tripleseat Calendars on all the different phone types out there, but this should be fairly straighforward. In your phone’s calendar application, find where you can add an Internet Calendar Subscription and then type in the Tripleseat Calendar URL. Some phones may not support this feature, but most modern phones likely will.

Delete and Recover Leads

Now, if you delete a lead from Tripleseat, you can easily recover the lead if necessary. To view deleted leads, use the “deleted” sidebar filter on the Leads tab. To recover a deleted lead, click on the lead and then click on the recover link in the upper-right-hand corner of the page.

SmartLead Form Changes

We add the ability to customize the subject line and the reply-to address on the Auto-response Email that is sent to the Interested Party after they have filled out a lead form. To customize these options, go to Settings -> SmarLead Forms -> Edit SmartLead Form.

Email Notification Changes

We have moved the User Notifications that used to be on a SmartLead Form to the Settings -> Restaurants -> Edit Restaurant area of the site.

Additionally, we added the ability to add one-off email address to each lead form. This will allow you to add additional email addresses to the form’s notification list that may not be associated with a Tripleseat user.

Calendar Shoutout SmartDocs Links

Lastly, we added the ability to view all of a booking’s SmartDoc views (and PDF downloads) in the Calendar’s Booking Shoutout window. Just hover over the SmartDoc’s name in the Shoutout to see the views. Also, don’t forget that you can filter for bookings that have or do not have SmartDocs using the Calendar’s Advanced Filters.

SmartDoc views in Booking Shoutout

That’s all for this week – Questions, comments, or otherwise please contact technical support or submit a help ticket in the system!


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