The evolution of the Tripleseat BEO (Banquet Event Order) is almost complete. The BEO functionality started off as a last minute addition to Tripleseat. Our original thinking was that creating complex customizable menus for one off events was something that large hotels do, not restaurants. Boy, were we wrong.

Tripleseat customers quickly told us that they wanted to have a easy customizable “template” that could do it all. This template needed to provide not only BEO’s but contracts, kitchen orders, invoices and proposals. Lions and tigers and bears oh my!

One solution was to create a merge doc to Microsoft Word, but that proved to be cumbersome, time consuming and frankly not a very good solution. So we decided to re-invent the wheel and developed SmartDoc.

SmartDoc is made up of multiple parts where our customers can create unlimited forms to collect data from their menu’s, contracts, or proposals. You can create as many forms for yourself as you like. Our expectations are that the BEO’s, Contracts, Kitchen Orders, Proposals, and Invoices will be the most popular forms. Check back in a few months and we will know what the killer form will be.

Once you have your form you will want to display it to your customers and/or internal staff. Similar to the forms, you can have as many style of displays for your forms as you like. Want to add your logo to the display? No problem. Want to make some items bold? Go ahead.

With the forms and displays created users with just a couple of clicks of the mouse  and in just seconds can create just about anything for their bookings and display them either online with a unique URL link, print it, or via a .PDF

We are in the final testing phase and hope to roll out a beta version of the SmartDoc very soon. Check back here often as I will post a video of the SmartDoc in action.


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