We’re in the last few weeks of summer, and we’re already beginning to see news about fall menu trends and emails from our customers announcing their holiday event bookings — don’t forget to include your lead form link in those emails! Let’s kick this week’s post off with a taste of fall.

There’s more than pumpkin

Image credit: The Rail

Yeah, pumpkin spice is popular and they’re already serving it at Starbucks and adding it to Spam. But what about fall’s other flavors? The Rail offers four recipes to add to your restaurant’s fall cocktail menu and none of them are pumpkin-flavored. Check out their take on classic drinks with a fall twist: the Brown Butter Pecanhattan, Fall Mule, Caramel Apple Sidecar, and Horchata White Russian.

Gen X still matters

Photo credit: Colin Watts/Unsplash

I’m a Gen-Xer in my 40s and I’ve been noticing a lot of posts lately about how we’re the forgotten, “middle child” generation no one is talking about because everyone is focusing on the Millennials and Baby Boomers. While others were oohing and aahing over the older generation and the super-young, Generation X has been at work making that cash, and we’re ready to spend it. This article from Nightclub & Bar, Don’t Forget Your Generation X Guests, says that Gen X spends more than other generations on food and wine and we’re spending up to one-third more of our cash than Millennials. So how should restaurants appeal to Gen X and benefit from us big spenders? Nightclub & Bar suggests that you offer comfort food that’s prepared in a creative way, stock quality wine, and advertise to us through Facebook and email.

I want to go to there

Image credit: ZoomVP/Accor and Hotel Designs

In hotel news this week, Hotel Designs announced that Accor hotels’ Jo&Joe brand is partnering with home goods brand IKEA in building a hotel in Vienna that’s half hotel and half IKEA store. I’ve never thought much about going to Vienna until now. It’s every IKEA fanatic’s dream to spend the night in the store, and that’s pretty much what this building is about. Construction begins in January 2020 and you can book your IKEA hotel trip when the building is complete in 2021.

Food pics that don’t suck

Photo credit: Eater

The iPhone 11 was unveiled this week, and while some people shuddered at its multiple trypophobia-inducing camera lenses, the folks at Eater note that its new features are much better at taking food photos. iPhone 11 has a night mode, which means that it will photograph better and compensate for low-light settings, making photos less grainy and reducing the need to use the (always unflattering) flash mode. Those weird triple lenses on the back of the phone include a wide camera lens and ultra-wide camera lens, allowing you to take a perfectly-staged pic of a table of food without having to stand on a chair and getting dirty looks from fellow diners.

Looking for more trends?

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