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This Week in Hospitality

This week in hospitality brought us an industry announcement from America’s sweetest reality TV couple, clever ways to cash in on the silly holiday trend, important checklists every event professional should look into, and last but certainly not least, booze-filled pods … yes, you read that right. Edible pods filled with liquor!

Fixer Upper goes bougie

Photo credit: Boutique Hotel News

Everyone’s favorite reality TV couple is diving even deeper into the hospitality industry. First, Chip and Joanna Gaines’ of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, opened Magnolia House, a small bed and breakfast in McGregor, Texas. They then moved on to Magnolia Table, a beautiful restaurant in their hometown of Waco. The success of both of these ventures has convinced many that they are ready for bigger things. And so they will begin renovations on a historic building — the Grand Karem Shrine — in downtown Waco this fall to turn it into a boutique hotel. Boutique Hotel News has a rendering of what it might look like and you can also find updates on its progress on the Magnolia Blog.

Cheers to the holidays!

Photo credit: thecoolector.com

Silly, made-up holidays — we’ve all seen posts on social media about them. For example, National Donut Day or Ask a Stupid Question Day (which is even funnier because it forces you to ask a stupid question only to find out that it does exist). But can we, in the hospitality industry, make money off of these idiotic celebrations? The answer, according to Nightclub & Bar, is yes. Obscure holidays give you the perfect situation to stand out from your competition. From hosting a special event to offering guests drink or food specials, there are ways to capitalize on and even have some fun with the calendar. Find a list of these weird holidays on the Days of the Year website.

Check your checklists

Have you ever began the process of planning an event, only to realize a tad too late in the game that you could have been more organized? We like to think that Tripleseat can help you keep the internal workings of your event streamlined, but what about other things like staffing, budgets, and vendors to name a few. Check out this useful list of event planning checklists brought to you by our friends at Skift. Every event professional’s job is unique and you won’t need every checklist for every event you plan but it’s definitely a useful resource, especially as we enter the busy holiday event season.

Gushers for grownups

Photo Credit: The Glenlivet

Glenlivet is the creator of the newest pod craze, except this one is meant to cleanse your pallet, not your laundry. The Glenlivet scotch pod is pretty much gushers for grownups and I’m not mad about it. Unfortunately though, as of today, you can only get these dissolvable, seaweed-wrapped, shots of the future in London. Let’s be honest, it’s probably better off this way. Mom groups across the United States would go into a Twitter frenzy if these made it onto domestic store shelves. I’ll just be here, impatiently waiting for the day my nightcap comes in candy form.

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