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This Week in Hospitality

Happy first full week of November everyone! Reality is setting in; yesterday was Halloween and tomorrow is Christmas. The clock moves fast and so does the hospitality industry, especially this time of year. Because I’m here for you, and in order to save you a little bit of your precious time, here are my top four industry tips and news flashes from the past week.

Worthy case study

Photo credit: TheRail

The hospitality industry is one with a deep history of being a cutthroat, true-life example of survival of the fittest. And sometimes just being the fittest, or the best isn’t enough. What makes a venue’s success story? How can you ensure that your hospitality venture will survive? This past week The Rail featured a story about a little bar located just north of Boston that happens to hold a special place in my heart, Trina’s Starlite Lounge. I’ve spent countless evenings at Trina’s. Whether for a post-shift drink or just a random Tuesday night, something about this little venue epitomizes all that is good in the hospitality industry. From the menu, to the staff, to the warm vibe you feel every time you walk in its hallowed doors is why Trina’s recently celebrated their 10th year in business. Everyone in this industry can learn a little something from how they run their business and treat their staff. 

Uber for events?

Photo credit: uber.com

So, Uber has an event service and allegedly they have for quite some time now. I don’t know about you, but I had no idea. Uber will work with your planner or venue months in advance to create the perfect event transportation strategy to fit your needs. Skift recently reported on this widely unknown service in their article, Uber’s Potentially Powerful — Yet Largely Unknown — Event Service. I think it’s a great idea and could potentially be a game-changer for a lot of events and event planners, but they definitely need to start marketing it more.

Save yourselves!

Photo credit: Pavel Chagochkin/Shuterstock

According to Nightclub&Bar.com, the restaurant apocalypse is approaching and you should prepare yourself and your venue. They note the rise in popularity of food delivery services and the fact that “ghost” kitchens are popping up in every major market as reasons for this scary outlook. But does it carry any weight? I’m not convinced as of yet but the article is certainly worth reading. If nothing else you’ll learn how to tighten up the way you run your venue, whether an apocalypse is in our near future or not.

Decide for yourself

Photo credit: Eventbrite

On a somewhat higher note and less dim outlook, Restaurant Hospitality reported on what the future of restaurants will look like in 2030. Some of the points Nightclub&Bar.com made are present in the report, like the rise of delivery services and pop-up venues, but there are also a lot of positive items regarding good old fashioned brick and mortar, dine-out restaurants. Check out the full report and make your own educated decision on the future of our industry.

Looking for more trends?

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