The very core of the hospitality industry was built around the idea of being social. So what happens when the act of being social is banned? It sounds like a nightmare, and it feels like one too. With more than a million restaurants in the United States alone, the Coronavirus pandemic is a nightmare that will greatly affect our economy for years to come.

But, the hospitality industry certainly won’t go down, and it especially won’t go down without a fight. It’s a community full of strong, relentless, hardworking, and proud people. People that will come out of this stronger than they were before. So in This Week in Hospitality, I wanted to share with all of you a few helpful resources to push you forward. And please if you have ideas of your own that you’d like to share let us know. We’re here for you through all of it.

Redesigning your business model

We’re all sailing through uncharted territory, trying our hardest to stay afloat. It may seem like the only option you have is to close your doors, and understandably, for some of you that might be the case. For others, like Seattle’s Canlis, adaptation is the answer. Canlis is one of Washington’s top fine dining destinations and just happens to be located in the epicenter of the state’s Coronavirus outbreak. When news hit that all restaurants were to close their dining rooms, they knew their only option to survive would be to redesign their entire business model to offer takeout and delivery services.

In less than two days, they switched gears completely, shifting from dishing out refined cuisine in a posh dining room to opening three pop-up services: a bagel shop, a drive-through burger joint, and a “family meal” delivery service that includes a bottle of wine with every order. Canlis’ determination is just one example of how restaurants across the country are conforming to our new, and hopefully short-lived, norm.

If you haven’t already, check out our post and video about how you can utilize the features you already have in Tripleseat to adapt a takeout, and delivery strategy.

Employee relief funds

There are 16 million hospitality workers in the United States, and right now they are all struggling. Whether your venue is moving towards delivery, and takeout or closing temporarily, chances are you’ve had to drastically lower your workforce. Some business owners made the difficult decision to lay their workers off in the hopes they’ll be able to collect unemployment. Whatever your situation may be, it’s important that we all come together to support the people that make our industry so great — our staff. There are employee relief funds popping up all over the country. For example, Boka Restaurant Group has created a Restaurant Team Fundraiser, and all proceeds will go directly to their restaurants’ workers. You can find an up to date list of all of our nation’s restaurant relief funds on Eater.

90 ways to survive the next 90 days

I love this post from Bar & Restaurant. It’s a revolving list of 90 ways to survive the next 90 days. Full of tips and resources for all hospitality professionals, there’s a little something for everyone. From ways to stay positive, to ways to keep your business going even when it seems impossible.

And just because…

We all need to laugh right now. 

More resources

The whole hospitality industry is in a tough time right now, but we are coming together to support one another until the storm passes. As people hunker down in their homes for the next indefinite period of time, look at these ideas for inspiration to bring joy to your loyal customers and provide work for your employees. To stay up to date on our latest recommendations for event professionals during this time, click here for our latest blog posts.


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