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This Week in Hospitality

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the havoc the Coronavirus is currently wreaking on the hospitality industry. With states of emergency being called in cities across the country, including New York City and Boston, events are being canceled left and right. Hotels, restaurants, and unique venues of all types are feeling the monetary effects of the virus.  For of-the-moment updates from reliable sources on how the situation is affecting the hospitality industry, check out Hospitality Net’s Coronavirus impact page.

PSA: There is no link between Corona and the Coronavirus

This is not a joke. Eater reported earlier this month that Corona beer sales have plummeted since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Why consumers think there is a link between these two completely different things is beyond me. Do they think the outbreak began with a bottle of beer? While the severity of the Coronavirus is no laughing matter, the fact that people are associating these two items is.

Creating a Crisis Management Plan

During a health crisis like the one we’re experiencing now, it’s crucial for all businesses, especially those that deal with people in person, to have a crisis management plan. Hotels are certainly part of this realm. It’s important to develop and communicate a prevention plan along with a marketing strategy to ensure you keep your revenue losses as low as possible. Hospitality Net has laid out an extensive guide to creating an effective crisis management plan for those of us in hospitality and you can see the full strategy here.

A testament for equal benefits for hospitality workers

Paid sick leave in the hospitality industry is a rare occurrence, especially for those who prepare and serve food. An outbreak like this one shines a light on this issue. If a worker who doesn’t receive paid sick leave is sick, will they stay home? Chances are the answer to that question is a resounding no. The government can advise people who are sick to stay home as much as they want, but if staying home means you could possibly lose your income and your home, the advice falls on deaf ears. Also restaurant workers are at a higher risk of contracting a virus because they tend to strangers all day, every day. Check out this feature from Eater that takes a look at the healthcare struggles of hourly hospitality workers.

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