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This Week in Hospitality

It’s the month of love and there’s nothing I love more than hospitality trends. This week I have a little bit of everything for you, from a fashion-forward hotel initiative, a new take on the public smoking ban, and Valentine’s Day ideas you may not have thought of yet.

A closet that checks in before you do…

W Hotels and Rent the Runway have just made it 100 times easier for you to attend your next event abroad. With their genius collab, you can now book your room at a W Hotel, rent your wardrobe before you arrive, and it will be waiting for you in your guest room closet upon arrival. Not only will this allow you to travel with the tiniest of carry-ons, but you’ll save some cash, and closet space, and look damn good doing it.

I don’t…

This next piece is from SpecialEvents.com and it made me laugh pretty hard. When it comes to saying, “I do”, these wedding planners are begging you to say, “I don’t” to this list of awful (and hilarious) wedding trends. Asking your bridal party to beg your guests for money? Dressing up your pooch to walk down the aisle? Having your guests ask Alexa for their table number? Read about these cringe-worthy trends among others in the full article.

Breaking the ban on smoking

Have smoking bans in restaurants gone too far? According to Eater’s interview with writer Jacob Grier, the author of The Rediscovery of Tobacco: Smoking, Vaping, and the Creative Destruction of the Cigarette, there’s a compelling argument for both sides of the table. If you ask me, smoking is gross, and I don’t want it in the air when I’m trying to enjoy a craft cocktail at my favorite bar. But, with that said, I’m not against allowing business owners to make the choice on their own whether or not they’d like to allow smoking in their establishment. Giving out smoking licenses like we do liquor licenses could be a fair option. It’s definitely a heated subject with plenty of pros and cons for both sides. What do you think?

Valentine’s Day for all

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me well that I despise Valentine’s Day. I’m a firm believer it was created out of a need to fill a gap between Christmas and Easter and force consumers to go out and spend their money. But that’s certainly not a horrible thing for bar and restaurant owners. But how do you cater to the new and evolved Valentine’s Day diners? It’s no longer just a holiday for lovers and according to OpenTable it’s time to think “beyond the two-top.” Read their full list of ideas, and learn how to market to all Valentine’s Day diners.

Looking for more trends?

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