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This Week in Hospitality

Check out this week’s assortment of industry news, including a brave marketing initiative from one of the world’s biggest burger chains, some validation that, yes, your job is hard, and how one childcare center is changing the hospitality industry.

The struggles of being an event planner

It’s no secret that being an event planner is hard work. It’s stressful, demanding, and at times, draining. But, on the flip side, it’s also rewarding and, dare I say, fun?! This week I enjoyed (and appreciated) reading two articles from Eventbrite. The first discusses the harsh realities of being an event planner, like trying to have a social life outside of work or trying to enjoy another planner’s event without critiquing every decision they made. The second listed things people always ask event planners. Can you plan my sister’s baby shower? Or my personal favorite, what’s it like to get paid to have fun? I highly recommend reading through them all. If nothing else, you’ll feel validated and have a laugh.

Having a family while keeping the job you love

Working in the hospitality industry has never been conducive to having a family. It sucks but it’s true. Hospitality professionals work long hours and often don’t get home until very early in the morning (or late at night, depending on how you look at it). Standard daycare hours certainly don’t cater to such a crazy schedule, and most times you have to rely on your significant other to take on the challenge. Enter Vivvi Early Learning in Manhattan, a childcare center built for hospitality workers with hours spanning 7 am – 2 am! This is such an amazing initiative, one that other markets should consider. Check out this post from FSR online that explains how this idea came to fruition.

Burger anyone?

Let’s talk about this whole moldy Whopper fiasco by Burger King. Last week, the king of burgers released a marketing strategy that turned a lot of stomachs. It was a picture of a 28-day-old Whopper, in all its moldy glory. The point of this? To promote the burger chain’s move away from artificial preservatives. You might remember a few years back when McDonalds announced they were removing preservatives from their famous chicken nuggets after a food blogger posted a picture of 5-year-old nuggets that looked brand new. This tactic worked for them as sales spiked immediately following the announcement. Will the tactic work for Burger King? That’s still up for debate. All I do know is that after seeing that picture I’m not craving a burger of any kind from anywhere.

Green team

Sustainability in events is a trend that’s not going anywhere any time soon. If you haven’t already implemented a green initiative at your venue or within your organization, there’s no better time than the present. But where should you start? Check out these articles Corporate Event Planners highlighting the importance of establishing a green team and 10 tips on how to create a successful one.

Looking for more trends?

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