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This Week in Hospitality

I’ve rounded up some interesting reads for you this week. Topics include everything from attracting a younger set of event planners to how Yelp is trying to make up for being historically awful.

Catering to a Younger Event Planner

There’s no denying that millennials and Generation Z are affecting every aspect of the hospitality industry and hotels are a huge part of that. If your brand isn’t already catering to a younger generation of event planners, it’s time you started. Need some inspo? Check out this article from Cvent that looks at five hotel brands with marketing strategies geared towards younger event clientele.

Don’t Skimp on the Solo Diner

Call me crazy, but one of my favorite past times is dining out alone. I love the opportunity to truly enjoy and savor my meal, to really taste the perfect martini or glass of wine, and to just be. When I was single, I would dine out alone at least once a week. Obviously now that I’m married with a family, the opportunity arises much less but that just makes me appreciate it even more when it happens. Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years, I know that catering to a solo diner has a certain stigma. Fewer items ordered, lower tips. But, on the flip side, serving solo diners creates the chance to really get to know your customers, and garner those relationships that turn a one-time diner into a regular. With all this said, I was happy to find a post on FSR online highlighting why solo diners matter and why restaurants and their staff should do more to serve them.

Cannabis at Events

The rise in popularity and legality of cannabis products has created a trend of offering these items at events. This may sound exciting to some, but the liability surrounding the distribution of cannabis products is far more difficult to swallow. EventManager Blog reported on this and all of the laws and regulations that encompass it. So before you start ordering CBD oil and edibles to hand out at your next event, read the full article here.

The Yelp Debate Continues

I am not shy to admit that I hate Yelp. In my opinion, for the past decade Yelp has continuously allowed wannabe restaurant critics to write ridiculous reviews, some of which have ruined perfectly good restaurants. This sentiment is not mine alone. Hospitality professionals around the globe feel the same. There are more reddits dedicated to this subject than I can even count. Well, it looks like Yelp felt the hate and decided to start doing something about it. Sort of. Check out this article from Eater describing how Yelp publicly shamed a burger chain for allegedly buying fake reviews.

Looking for more trends?

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