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This Week in Hospitality

This week in hospitality brings you some great intel on 2019 food, and dining trends along with a sound argument for selling gift cards, and a seasonal hit to the french fry industry.

In 2019, the rich ate dead, beautiful birds

Photo credit: Noma

In an industry overflowing with meat alternatives, it’s surprising to think that eating actual animals made it onto a trend list. But you heard right folks. The rich did indeed eat dead, beautiful birds in 2019. You can read all about this strange trend among others in Eater’s 2019 The Year in Eating. Let’s hope that 2020 brings with it a trend towards something less disgusting than eating duck brain, out of a duck skull, with a spoon made of duck beak (read the article, I swear that’s a real thing).

2019 Dining Trends

Photo credit: OpenTable

In stark comparison, this dining trend infographic from OpenTable suggests that plant-based and Keto options took the cake in 2019. Among other notable takeaways were that most reservations came from people who had never dined at that specific restaurant before, and the majority of reservations were made last-minute. Of course, these stats only take into account reservations and reviews made through OpenTable but the information is still useful when mapping out your 2020 strategy.

Cashing in on gift cards

To put it lightly, if your venue isn’t selling gift cards, especially this time of year, you need a reality check. Not only do gift cards give venues the opportunity to impress new customers and build relationships, but if for some reason the person never redeems the gift card, you still make money without giving away any product. Check out a few other reasons mentioned by The Daily Rail on why selling gift cards is a smart move.

Fry high

Photo credit: SeriousEats

Your favorite cheap fast food staple could be getting a price hike. Nation’s Restaurant News reported this week that because of an extremely cold and wet fall, the US and Canadian potato crop suffered. The cool temps coupled with the fact that the industry demand has risen could cause fry prices to skyrocket. Read the full story here.

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