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Why Are So Many People Switching to Tripleseat?

Over the last few years, Tripleseat has seen nonstop growth. More than 600 plus restaurants, hotels, and unique venues switch from other event software companies to Tripleseat to help them streamline the event planning process and increase sales. During the first half of 2018 alone, 150 venues have made the change!

We were curious as to why there’s been such a huge migration to Tripleseat, so we asked our new customers what factors helped them decide to make the change. Here is what we learned:

This was by far and away the No. 1 reason for new customers to switch to Tripleseat. People were frustrated with slow response time on their support questions with their previous event management software. When they did get a response, they felt the agent did not understand their business or the very software they were supporting. At Tripleseat we answer all our support tickets in under 30 minutes and all of our support people are former hospitality people who have worked for years in restaurants and/or hotels.

Broken promises
During the buying process for their previous software, salespeople promised these venues new features, integrations, and more. Those commitments were not honored. Nothing is more frustrating to a user then being told that a feature or promise “is coming” or that it is being “developed.” People spend a lot of time (and money!) on event management to grow their business. If a promise is not kept, then it can seriously hurt the business’ bottom line or put the purchaser’s job at risk. Our sales team presents new customers with what we have; we never promise future development (we call it “future selling” and it is a big no-no at Tripleseat). We only demo our current product and never make promises to get a sale.

Features, features, features
New users of event management tools like Tripleseat quickly see the benefits and will require more features over time. Event managers want more tools to help them sell and capture leads. They want better communication capabilities for both internal and external customers. And, of course, they want their event management app to make their lives easier. If the software doesn’t grow with its users’ demands, it will become obsolete and more of a burden then a benefit to the businesses it serves. Tripleseat is the leader in new features development. We were the first to have online payments, e-signatures, reporting, email features built into the app, ability to capture leads via your website or Facebook, and of course the first to have a web-based sales and event management tool. We release more than 100 new features every year and we continue to improve Tripleseat every day.

Do these frustrations sound familiar?
If your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue is experiencing the frustrations listed above, it’s time to get in touch with Tripleseat. Simply schedule a web demo with us and we can show you why so many venues have made the switch.



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