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Let's Get Social-Tripleseat Adds Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn To Contacts

Our latest release is very Social. We just added the ability to the Contacts in Tripleseat to be automatically updated with Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn profiles. Tripleseat, using the Contact’s email address will search the web looking for social profiles that match that email. If a match is found the profile data will automatically be entered in the Contacts page.

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Tripleseat will also add their avatar picture to the Contact and that picture will be on the Contact page, Booking page and the shout out on the Calendar.

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With this new update you will have a deeper understanding of who your guests are and what they like or dislike and you can create a much more custom experience. To start using this update you do not have to do anything. Not a thing. There is nothing to hook up or join or integrate. It simply runs in the background doing its thing



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