Event professionals have had a rough year during the pandemic. Restaurants, hotels, and venues have closed or scaled back as customers quarantined at home and worries about layoffs and furloughs have not let up over the last eight months.

Whether you’re working full time in the hospitality industry, planning your next move, or searching for a new job, there are a lot of resources to help you get ahead in your career. We discussed these options during our recent Social Hour: Preparing for Career Success in 2021. You can watch the full discussion below:


Download our guide to hospitality careers

In addition to the recording, check out our new Events Industry Handbook, Preparing for Hospitality Career Success. This guide will take you through a few of the easiest and most effective forms of career success. Each section will dive a bit deeper into different areas that you can tackle with some examples of where to start. Together as a community, we will come out of 2020 stronger and smarter, and ready to take on 2021.


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