Introducing the Tripleseat Private Dining Channel on YouTube. It occurred to me recently that in all industries there are networking groups, meetings, and social gatherings where like minded professionals get together to discuss the topic of the day but for event managers and planners in the restaurant industry there seems to be something missing.

Locked away in your small office somewhere behind the kitchen next to the exit it is easy to feel that you are on your own. Adding to the isolation is that most event sales managers are a competitive lot and are suspicious of sharing what success you have accomplished.

Clearly times have changed and it is time that you come together to share what is working for you a and what pitfalls to avoid. Only by sharing your knowledge will everyone succeed. This basic philosophy is the idea behind the Tripleseat Video Channel. My goal here is to add video of real event and sales managers sharing their knowledge and providing tips and advice on private dining sales.

The first video is from Brian Mills of Grill 23 & Bar. Grill. FOR TWENTY FIVE YEARS, Grill 23 & Bar has been New England’s premier steak and seafood grill. Grill 23 & Bar is renowned for its prime, all-natural, dry-aged beef exclusively from Brandt Beef, and fresh, creative seafood presentations.

Brian provides some great ideas including how he uses technology and traditional outbound marketing to drive sales.

I hope you enjoy the Tripleseat Private Dining Channel and if you would like to participate give me a call or send me a e-mail and we can set something up.


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