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Lies, More Lies and Damn Lies


Over the last couple of months our “competition” has gotten desperate and have stooped to new levels of scumbagery. They are harassing Tripleseat customers with obnoxious emails that are not funny (no, I am not stuck in a ditch, I am ignoring you) or spreading rumors that are so false I just cannot sit by and ignore them.

Lie #1-So and so restaurant switched to us-In the course of 7 years we have lost less than POINT 1% (. 1%) of customers to our competitors. Our customer renewal rate is 99% over the last 7 years. 99%! What happened to the 1%? Well, they closed or stopped doing events.

Lie #2-50% of Tripleseat customers have quit to come to us-Ahh what? Again 99% renewal rate!

Lie #3-Tripleseat does not do “A” or “B”-We are the top dog and that is indisputable. Everyone is chasing us and trying to catch up to the features we have had for years.

Lie #4-We don’t understand “restaurants” or the “event business”. Tripleseat has over 200 years collectively of restaurant¬†and event business experience. I worked in hotels and restaurants for 15 years, Latha used to be an Event Manager as well as Katie. Katie M received her Masters from Cornell School of Hospitality. The list goes on and on.

Lie #5-Tripleseat owns your data. We don’t own the data, you do. They are your customers not ours.

Why anyone would even think of doing business with a company that starts a relationship with lies baffles me. When will companies learn that lying to and selling on FUD (Fear, Uncertainty Doubt) is just unprofessional and always ends with the customer leaving.


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