Does your hotel have the technology in place it needs to generate new business in 2021?

Tripleseat, StayNTouch, and ARRIVE by Palisociety recently shared tips on how having the right sales and catering and PMS software can ease the burden with a smaller team, remove friction areas, and work across departments seamlessly.

COVID-19 has put the hospitality industry in the horns of a dilemma, forcing them to provide heightened service and cleanliness with limited occupancy and resources. This is especially true for group business, which can put even higher demands on hotels and staff. Fortunately, the right sales and catering and PMS platforms can help you seamlessly remove friction areas, work across departments, enhance staff productivity, and support your group business – even with a smaller team.

Watch the recording of our webinar to:

  • Discover how a true-cloud PMS can automate many administrative tasks, saving your team time and effort
  • Learn how a centralized sales and catering platform with an integrated CRM can help you drive revenue and speed up prospecting
  • Explore how guest-facing contactless check-in/out can provide a more hygienic guest experience, drive ancillary revenue, and free up bandwidth for front desk staff
  • Discover how to increase operational efficiency with instant insights into availability, group bookings, and upcoming events

Get the right technology in place to grow your revenue

Schedule a demo to learn more about Tripleseat. Our event management features can help you increase and manage the group sales that are essential for filling hotel guest rooms, booking event function spaces, growing banquet revenues, and increasing your overall revenue.

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