If you are not familiar with the restaurant business, you would guess that the office at the restaurant is as nice as the restaurant itself. Unfortunately, you would have been wrong. The office at the restaurant is usually an afterthought and is located somewhere in the basement next to the walk-in refrigerator or someplace worse. Why is that you may ask? Well, Owners want to spend all the money on the restaurant itself and the equipment that makes the place hum. Makes sense unless you are one of the poor Event Managers that have to work in that office everyday.

As an Event Manager in one of these windowless offices you are usually freezing when it is cold outside or broiling when it’s hot because there is no controlling the temperature. Desks are made up of leftover milk crates with some wood stretched over it or you sit next to the Internet Router with all its blinking lights.  It is dark and dreary and the only thing keeping you company are the boxes of plates and glassware.

At Tripleseat we understand that is why we are offering a $500 office makeover. To win the makeover simply upload a picture of your office on the Tripleseat Facebook page or if you are a member of the Tripleseat Party People club just go the Office Makeover Challenge and post your picture there. The team at Tripleseat will vote for the worst office and provide you with some hope that it can get better!













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