bloody mary

New Year’s Eve is for champagne and caviar; New Year’s Day is for a Bloody Mary (or three) to help kick said champagne. But these days, restaurants aren’t content to just pour some vodka in your tomato juice, drop in a celery stick and call it a cocktail. Bloodies are getting more and more creative, as we’re seeting at bars and restaurants across the country. Here are four we’ve had our eye on recently.

Restaurant Marc Forgione, NYC: Their signature Bloody starts with a mix featuring Sriracha, smoked sea salt, ground cumin, garlic, and ginger powder; it’s garnished with Shishito peppers, Dill Havarti cheese and cured shrimp.

Khe-Yo, NYC: The “Bang-Bang Bloody Mary” at this Laotian restaurant is made with celery juice, Thai chilis, and cilantro, and has a toasted rice – kaffir lime rim.

Lüke San Antonio, San Antonio: The “Rebecca Creek Bloody Mary” is garnished with house-made pickles and boiled shrimp, and served with a side of Alamo Golden Ale.

Jones RestaurantPhiladelphia: Why not a whole “build your own Bloody” bar? Choose your spirit (Mary for vodka, Maria for tequila or Derby for bourbon); your rim (Old Bay, spicy Cajun, celery salt, and lots more); your sprig (celery? cilantro?); and your garnish, with more than 20 different garnishes are available — bacon & egg, avocado, slim jims, Funyuns, cucumber ice cubes, and more.


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