Food and Beverage Minimum Calculator is Here!

Now in Tripleseat, there is the ability to clearly reflect the remaining Food and Beverage Minimum to your customers on any Document! The F&B minimum calculator can be added to each document to show the remaining amount the customer needs to spend to hit their minimum.

To access the calculator simply do the following:

  1. Edit your document,
  2. Go to the billing widget,
  3. Click on add a field,
  4. Then select food and beverage minimum.

Update the document and the difference will now appear on any document view with a billing widget.

If the remaining balance needs to be added to the Billing Widget, no problem, all you need to do is:

  1. Expand the line item on the right
  2. Then uncheck exclude,
  3. Click update and the remaining balance will be added to the bill!

The remaining food and beverage is now added onto the bill!


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