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  • Check Out Our New Tripleseat Video

    Sean Hogan, our South East Sales Manager has found his true calling as a Video Director. Check out his Directorial debut with this new Tripleseat video. [embedyt][/embedyt]

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  • I Bet You Didn't Know…..

    Tripleseat has so many useful and cutting edge features it can be hard to keep track of everything the web application does. Check out this list of awesome features designed to make your life easier and to book more event business: Print All Your BEO (Banquet Event Orders) At Once-Yup, you can download to a […]

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  • Book More Events By Making It Easy

      How many hoops do you make your prospects jump thru to book an event? After all the negotiations, site reviews and food tasting your prospect is now ready to book with you, but your procedures for booking may cause them to have second thoughts. It is common for venues like restaurants and hotels to […]

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  • Event Planner's Perspective: Selling the Dream, Serving What?

    In the history of event management there’s the dichotomy of sales and service.  If your organization has the same team of people doing both you’re in luck.  But if the people making the promises are selling a certain experience or product that the service team will struggle to deliver on, you may have a gap […]

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  • New Update-Attachments to Discussions and More

      Fast on the heels of our recent release of the Guest Portal in February we have just released and rolled out Attachements for Discussions. Attachments was one of our biggest requests and we have delivered! With this update you can attach any documents, like floor plans or menus or pictures to any Discussion in the Event […]

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  • New Tripleseat Customer Portal Is Real and It's Fantastic

    Well, alright, alright, alright. We have released our new redesigned Customer Portal. What is the Customer Portal? Back in 2013 we released a way for your customers to see their Banquet Event Orders and Contracts online in a secure central area called the Customer Portal.(The Customer Portal is another first in a long line of […]

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  • Event Planner's Perspective: Life is Easier with Tripleseat

    Megan Gardner, Director of Events for Fine Entertainment in Las Vegas, was fast-tracked into the crazy arena of multiple large events. She found that Tripleseat helped her with this big undertaking in a more manageable way. Check out what she had to say in her own words. As a former Events Coordinator with little experience with a large […]

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  • Listen More To Increase Your Event Sales

    “God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we ought to listen twice as much as we speak.” Author: ~Irish Proverb~ The ability to listen is one of the most important skills a sales person can have. Without question listening is a skill and it needs to be practiced. As a former Event Sales Manager […]

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  • Event Planner's Perspective: How to Manage Yourself While Managing Restaurant Events.

    Erica Albericci, Food and Beverage Coordinator and Private Dining at the Intercontinental San Francisco, shares her tips for successfully managing yourself while managing the busy world of restaurant events. Coffee–check! Water and lots of it–Check! A drawer full of snack bars–check! These are all items required needed to fuel my day as an event manager for […]

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