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  • New Tripleseat Update-Discounts

    Today we just released a new a update that allows users to discount menu line items in the menu picklist. The ability to discount by menu item was a big request and we are happy to be able to provide it. To add a line item discount on the picklist simply follow these steps. Open the […]

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  • Tripleseat Introduces "Discussions"

    Let the Discussion Begin. Discussions is a private and secure area within a Booking that lets you discuss event details or documents, such as Banquet Event Orders, Contracts and Proposals, with your prospects, customers, and staff. Now you can stop trying to collaborate solely over email and start having a discussion. Close deals faster Build […]

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  • Major Update To Tripleseat Coming

    Over the past 3 years, thousands of people across every imaginable style of venue have used Tripleseat to manage over $300 million in event bookings. In total, they’ve created over 500,000 leads, contacts and BEO/Documents. What started as a simple tool to manage events in 2008 has become one of the most popular web-based event […]

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  • Customer Appreciation Happy Hour

    As a thank you to our customers for helping make Tripleseat successful, we thought it was only right to host our first ever customer appreciation happy hour. Let us continue to make your life easier by adding a few drinks on us. In fact, why not order a Tripleseatini? (Yes, you really can order one!) […]

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  • Revenge of the Marketern…or something.

    Hello there, My name is Alex Knust. I’m the Marketern (or marketing intern) here at Tripleseat. I joined the crew here in Omaha just last month and have had a great start! It’s been great getting to know everyone in the office and I’ve really appreciated the way Dusty, Kevin, Tony, and Rick have all […]

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  • Tripleseat launch featured on Silicon Prairie News

    We’re proud to have a growing presence on the Silicon Prairie, and also love it when Silicon Prairie News covers us here at Tripleseat. For our relaunch on Wednesday, Danny from SPN wrote a nice piece describing the new site, and the new shift in our thinking. Thanks to Danny and the rest of the […]

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  • Coming soon – The new

    We are excited let everyone know that we are very close to unveiling a complete redesign of The new website will not only include an updated design, but also includes a total revamp of our lead listing site currently known as After much research and analysis we have decided to combine the current […]

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  • A few questions about Tripleseat

    I was recently interviewed about Tripleseat and they asked some great questions so I thought I put them here for all to enjoy. You have recently developed a new Event Planning Software for the Restaurant Industry called Tripleseat. Can you tell me about it and how it helps restaurant event planners? Tripleseat is a Sales […]

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  • Tripleseat t-shirt giveaway!

    It’s my firm belief that all great startups have cool t-shirts, which they freely give away to their employees, customers, supporters and friends. In fact, startup t-shirts make up a good percentage of my wardrobe. However, up until just recently, our very own Tripleseat didn’t have any! Well, now we do and as such we’re […]

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  • The Tripleseat crew at the Culintro event planner happy hour

    A few weeks back, Tripleseat partnered with New York City-based Culintro to sponsor an educational event and cocktail hour for restauranteurs from all around the city. The event was a lot of fun, and was an exciting way to demo Tripleseat to a bunch of folks. Thanks to the good people from Culintro for allowing […]

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