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  • Tips for Increasing Your Average Event Price

    In the restaurant and dining event industry, the client is king. There are usually two ways to increase your profits—attract more clients, or better-paying clients. Since having more clients and charging less for your services means a lot more work, the ideal situation is to land clients who will pay more for what you deliver. […]

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  • 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Venue for Any Party

      Finding the perfect venue for any party isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s all about: Location Location Location The style, quality, and atmosphere of the party venue can mean the difference between having a fabulous bash or a mundane gathering. The location of the party can be considered akin to the party’s guest of […]

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  • 3 Ways To Market Your Event Space To Human Resource Professionals

      An important key to marketing private events effectively is to get your message in front of decision-makers. In many organizations, the person that you really need to make contact with is the individual in charge of human resource management. That’s because HR professionals are typically involved in scheduling and organizing company meetings, training sessions, […]

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  • Start-Ups Can Increase Restaurants' Private Dining Business

    Here is some out of the box (sorry for the cliche) thinking. Why not make your private dining rooms available to start-ups in your area during slow times (typically Sunday/Monday)? Start-ups are booming right now, especially web based start-ups like us. Most of these companies are meeting outside of the office (because they don’t have […]

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  • Generate Banquet and Private Dining Leads

    A banquet or private dining sales manager for a restaurant is tough. You are expected to generate event revenue but you are provided with little in the ways of tools to generate leads and bookings. Most event managers find themselves in the “catcher” position, waiting for leads to be pitch to you from phone calls […]

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  • Increase New Event Sales Up To 50%

    The private dining and catering business in the last two years has evolved into a critical component of a restaurants revenue mix. The private dining business represents, on average, close to 30% of the overall revenue and is much more profitable then ala carte dining. Gone are the days of restaurateurs looking at the event […]

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  • The Guest Portal

    Welcome to part 2 of the new release scheduled for release this January. In this post, I would like to introduce to you the new Guest Portal. With Tripleseat, once you create a Document (Proposal/Banquet Event Order/Contract..etc.) you are able to share it with your guests via a url or a PDF. With this release, […]

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  • Making Easy Easier-Adding Details For Accounts and Contacts

    With the new update scheduled to be released in January, we have updated how you select Accounts and Contacts when creating bookings. The current process for Accounts and Contacts allows you to add only the full name, e-mail address, address, and phone under a booking. To add additional information, like a second phone number, web […]

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  • 4 Simple Steps To Receive Holiday Party Leads

    The Holiday Season is here! Consumers have already started with bang spending a record $52 Billion over the Thanksgiving weekend. Companies are reporting record profits for 2011 and that means it is time to celebrate. This season more and more people then ever will hit the web to research where to have their holiday party. […]

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  • Tripleseat vs. Other Event Management Software

    Lead Generation Tripleseat Tripleseat’s Event Management solution generates and captures new leads for your business. Your venue will be listed on web sites just for private dining, allowing you to find new customers. Tripleseat also integrates with your current site and Facebook. Competitors There is no listing site, Facebook app or a way to capture […]

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