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  • One. Two. Three Punch of making your Private Dining business better

    In a recent article “Happy days (sort of) here again” about holiday parties from the Boston Herald Jason MicKinley-Babb the General Manager of Grill 23 (one of our customers) is quoted as saying “We’re going to come out looking better than last year…” Why the success for Grill23 when many others are struggling? Well it […]

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  • What GM and Restaurants Have In Common

    The similarities between General Motors and the Restaurant Industry are very striking. Please let me explain: 6 Reasons (in my opinion) General Motors failed? Head In The Sand-stuck to their ways and felt that they “knew best” Stubborn-Refused to adapt despite all the warning signs Failure to Launch-To much bureaucracy to make decisions in a […]

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  • It's Not In The Budget

    These five words could be preventing you from increasing your private dining revenue up to and over 100%. Let me show you through some math. Here are the assumptions: # of Restaurants=1 # of people booking Private Dining Event=1 # annual restaurant gross revenue=$1mm Average Private Dining Event=$2k (recent survey said that this is a […]

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  • Empty Private Dining Room? Try This Brillant Idea

    So no matter how hard you try (or beg) you cannot get that private dining room full on Mondays or Tuesdays. You should try ChefAMe. Let Springwise explain: Through the participation of a few Philadelphia restaurants, Open ChefAMe offers what it calls an “open mic night” for local aspiring chefs on one Monday each month. […]

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  • Zombieconomics

    Great talk on the state of the economy on why some companies are in”zombieconomics”. For all you restaurant owners out there, what are you doing not to be a zombie? Umair Haque at BRITE ’09 conference from BRITE Conference on Vimeo.

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  • Group Dining is “found money” for restaurants!

    “Group Dining is “found money” for restaurants!  How hard is that to understand?” That was a recent quote from an e-mail exchange that I had earlier with someone in the restaurant and software business. It made me chuckle at first, then, when I thought about it, I felt frustrated. Let me explain. Group Dining, Private […]

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  • Double Digit Sales Growth

    The numbers are there. You can’t avoid it. Catering and Private Dining is where it is at. Melissa Wilson, Technomic Principal on catering and private dining. “…. our initial findings show that chain restaurants have a viable opportunity to capture a larger share of this (catering) market and improve same-store-sales without cannibalizing their dine-in traffic.” […]

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  • What Is In A Name?

    I often get asked what Tripleseat means or how did I arrive at the name. The answer is pretty simple. Tripleseat came from the restaurant term “Triple seated”. Basically when a host/hostess sits three parties in a Servers section at the same time the Server has been “triple seated” This generally happens when a restaurant […]

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  • Paper is Out. Catch Up or Get Left Behind

    I created this catering and banquet event power point presentation in early September and I am still amazed of how relevant it is six months later. Remember when this was created the economic meltdown had not happen yet but you could see it coming. Take another look and ask yourself how you are handling your […]

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  • 3 Great and Inexpensive Ways of Finding Catering Event Business

    All the restaurant Sales Event Managers I meet always ask me the same question; “how are other restaurants finding catering and private dining business?” The real answer to that questions is that there is no silver bullet but there are ways restaurants can find leads for their event business. Here are some suggestions: 1) Put […]

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