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  • Social Hour: Open Forum on Reopening and Marketing Strategies

    If you’re an event manager, these last few weeks have been a little chaotic with the rules and guidelines for reopening changing constantly. But you can handle it — event professionals are used to controlling the chaos and making things work. During our 10th Social Hour virtual roundtable, event professionals who have a range of […]

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  • Social Hour: Open Forum on Reopening Part 3

    Across the United States, the restaurant industry is implementing new safety guidelines for staff and customers, rearranging their spaces to be more socially distant, and rethinking their operations to adapt to a post-lockdown world. The good news is that customers are all in. Event professionals that joined our weekly Social Hour virtual roundtable this week […]

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  • Social Hour: Open Forum on Reopening Part 2

    Now that restaurants have been open for a few weeks in parts of the United States, event professionals are learning that the only consistency they’re seeing between venues is — there is no consistency. Guidelines vary between states, cities, and the venues themselves, and customer preferences are all over the map. In some areas, customers […]

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  • Social Hour: Open Forum on Reopening

    Restaurants in 34 states are in various stages of reopening their dine-in service after lockdown due to the coronavirus, and they’re learning a lot as their cities and states relax lockdown restrictions on businesses. During this week’s Social Hour virtual roundtable, event managers in Tennesee and Texas shared their experiences and challenges with reopening, including […]

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  • Social Hour: Strategies for Reopening

    As of this week, 29 states have reopened restaurants with varying amounts of dine-in service and more will join the list in the coming weeks. Hospitality professionals are navigating new norms around social distancing, sanitation standards, updating contract clauses, developing new sales strategies, restructuring event packages, and more. We spoke to event managers during our […]

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  • Social Hour: Reopening Updates and What’s Next

    The states that have begun phases of reopening after being in coronavirus lockdown have a huge task ahead of them. Businesses and employees in these areas are balancing city, state, and federal guidelines and recommendations, and creating the rules for a new normal. During this week’s Social Hour virtual roundtable, we heard from event professionals […]

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  • Social Hour: How The Hospitality Industry Is Preparing to Re-Open

    As coronavirus cases begin to slow down and states start to lift social distancing restrictions, restaurants in those areas are figuring out how to do business in this post-lockdown environment and others that are still in lockdown are paying close attention to their progress as they prepare to do the same. This week, our Social […]

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