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  • Where to Have Your Wedding Rehearsal Event in New York

      Five Exquisite NYC Restaurants That Exude Elegance and Class Planning a rehearsal dinner for your wedding is an exciting and sometimes stressful venture. Between choosing the venue, deciding on what to serve your guests, and sending out the invitations, planning a wedding rehearsal dinner can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily for brides and grooms […]

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  • Where to Hold Your Next Event in Boston

    Three Boston Restaurants that Boast Quality Dining and Ambiance Boston is a city that is overflowing with activity, history, and culture. Anyone who desires to host an event in Boston will not be at a shortage of fabulous venues where they could hold their affair. Regardless of your style or how decadent the event you […]

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  • Tripleseat Software Crosses the 400th Customer Milestone for their Event Management Web Application

    Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 08, 2012 Tripleseat, a cloud-based Sales and Event Management application for the Hospitality Industry, announced they have recently achieved the milestone of having over 400 restaurants, hotels and unique venues as customers. With private dining and corporate events making a come back, Tripleseat provides the edge Event Sales Managers need in this […]

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  • Event Planning is an Art

    “Ars est celare artem .”  Everything sounds better in Latin.  That little jewel means “True art is in the concealment of the art.”  A good chef makes you say, “Wow, what a good chef.”  A true artist makes you say, “Wow, this food is amazing!” Event planning is an art, as you may have already […]

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  • We Made Tripleseat Even Sexier

    Just when you thought Tripleseat couldn’t get any easier to use we made it even easier. Our latest update put tabs under the booking page for Documents (banquet event orders, proposals), Discussions, Tasks, Notes and Recent History. Instead of the long list which required some scrolling on the page you can have it laid out in […]

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  • Client of the Week – Francesca's Amici

    This week we are featuring Chicago area restaurant, Francesca’s Amici.   Francesca’s Amici offers a contemporary, casually sophisticated trattoria ambiance in the downtown of Elmhurst, Illinois. Who They Are: Francesca’s Amici is part of the family of Francescas restaurants.  Their menu offers the zesty, earthy cuisine of Rome and the surrounding areas of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. […]

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  • Start-Ups Can Increase Restaurants' Private Dining Business

    Here is some out of the box (sorry for the cliche) thinking. Why not make your private dining rooms available to start-ups in your area during slow times (typically Sunday/Monday)? Start-ups are booming right now, especially web based start-ups like us. Most of these companies are meeting outside of the office (because they don’t have […]

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  • Increase New Event Sales Up To 50%

    The private dining and catering business in the last two years has evolved into a critical component of a restaurants revenue mix. The private dining business represents, on average, close to 30% of the overall revenue and is much more profitable then ala carte dining. Gone are the days of restaurateurs looking at the event […]

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  • Tripleseat Introduces "Discussions"

    Let the Discussion Begin. Discussions is a private and secure area within a Booking that lets you discuss event details or documents, such as Banquet Event Orders, Contracts and Proposals, with your prospects, customers, and staff. Now you can stop trying to collaborate solely over email and start having a discussion. Close deals faster Build […]

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  • Major Update To Tripleseat Coming

    Over the past 3 years, thousands of people across every imaginable style of venue have used Tripleseat to manage over $300 million in event bookings. In total, they’ve created over 500,000 leads, contacts and BEO/Documents. What started as a simple tool to manage events in 2008 has become one of the most popular web-based event […]

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