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  • 5 Ways to Generate Event Leads

    Leads are one of the keys to success for sales and event managers, whether they work in hotels, restaurants, or unique venues. So what is the magic bullet to get more leads for your business? Unfortunately, there isn’t one. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of different tools to generate new […]

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  • Why Your Venue Needs Quality Images and How to Get Them

    Professional photos are a necessity for every business, but many owners don’t want to pay for them. There are other priorities that they’d rather use the money on, or they assume that the smartphone in their pocket can do just as good of a job. I’m here to give you a wake-up call: your lack […]

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  • How to Promote Your Events Business During the Holiday Season

    There’s good news and bad news about restaurant event sales during the holidays. The good news: It’s the most profitable time of year. The bad news: You have to work for it. Restaurants face a few obstacles to winning their piece of holiday revenue: More competitors, more types of food options (restaurants vs. meal kits […]

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  • How to Create and Send Your Restaurant’s Email Campaign in 15 Minutes or Less

    When you’re creating an email for your restaurant, you want it to represent your restaurant, convey your message visually, and drive action. But how do you know you have the essential elements for an effective email? Our email marketing partner, Constant Contact, recently presented a webinar with Lauren Wells, Tripleseat’s Education and Customer Support Manager, […]

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  • How To Elevate Your Restaurant’s Brand Online

    Having a large online community can be a blessing and a curse. Clinton Hall’s five New York City locations have 90,000 followers on social media that drive a lot of new and repeat business to the restaurant. “I look at some of our dishes, and it’s like George Clooney comes out of the kitchen,” said […]

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  • Why the Hotel Industry Should be on the Lookout for Generation Z

    For the past decade, the focus of marketing teams has been on monitoring millennials and the best way to target the habits of their lifestyle. Fast forward to today, and the oldest of Generation Z is the college-age young adult who seems to have their personal generation-specific travel itch. Research on Generation Z behavior shows […]

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