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  • New Releases Fireside Chat: October 2019

    Thank you to all of our customers who joined in on our inaugural feature release Fireside Chat! We went over a ton of exciting releases from this past summer and September. We’ll get to those in just a minute, but first, for those of you that didn’t get a chance to join in on our […]

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  • Tripleseat Release Notes: September 2019

    We’ve been working hard here at Tripleseat HQ to bring you guys some big feature releases in 2020. But, until then, we have an exciting one for our hotel customers that we announced in September. Location Filters on the GRC Event Timeline This new release on our Guest Room Control (GRC) feature will enable you […]

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  • Tripleseat Release Notes: Summer 2019

    Releases never stop at Tripleseat — even during the dog days of summer. In this inaugural release notes post we’re bringing you up to speed on all the new features we introduced over the summer months. We’ve made updates that will give you more flexibility to your documents when converting to PDFs, a change to […]

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  • Welcome to TARP: Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform

    Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform, otherwise known as TARP,  is an advanced feature subscription that gives you access to reporting above and beyond the existing Tripleseat reporting dashboard. TARP brings you many different reports in various categories that will help any Tripleseat user make the most of their data. To subscribe to TARP, simply go to […]

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  • Feature Spotlight: Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform (TARP)

    One of the benefits of using modern, cloud-based business software is all of the reporting and data your restaurant, hotel, or venue can access anytime, anywhere, on any device. And that data equals revenue. Tripleseat users have access to a tool that takes reporting and data to a whole new level: Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform […]

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