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  • Tripleseat SmartDoc. Coming Very Soon

    The evolution of the Tripleseat BEO (Banquet Event Order) is almost complete. The BEO functionality started off as a last minute addition to Tripleseat. Our original thinking was that creating complex customizable menus for one off events was something that large hotels do, not restaurants. Boy, were we wrong. Tripleseat customers quickly told us that […]

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  • New Banquet Event Orders Forms

    October for Tripleseat and our customers was one of our best months ever. Yahoo! We have new Tripleseat customers from New York, Boston, Washington DC, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago and the Atlantic Ocean (yes we now have our first ship as a customer) The number of lead our customers are receiving using the the Tripleseat […]

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  • FAQ's about Tripleseat

    I was writing down some FAQ’s that I hear alot and I was so impressed with my answers to them that I thought I add them to the blog. This is just a sample of the questions I hear alot. I will add more when I get the chance. Enjoy. I am organized why do […]

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  • Version 1.6 of Tripleseat Is Out!

    New Updates and News on Tripleseat A. Updates to Tripleseat B. Lead Booking Engine C. Welcome to our new Business Development Managers D. Partnerships with Groupdyne and Affinity Merchant Networks A. Yeah Updates Booking Tab and Calendar Go Dynamic I am pleased to announce the filter updates for the Booking Tab and Calendar page. A […]

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  • New Tripleseat Private Dining Channel

    Introducing the Tripleseat Private Dining Channel on YouTube. It occurred to me recently that in all industries there are networking groups, meetings, and social gatherings where like minded professionals get together to discuss the topic of the day but for event managers and planners in the restaurant industry there seems to be something missing. Locked […]

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  • Tripleseat Lead Capturing Is Here!

    Capture private dining leads directly from your website Happy New Year to everyone. All of us at Tripleseat have been busy tolling away at our computers putting the final touches on our web lead capturing development. I am positive that what we developed will be HUGE, a real game changer for restaurants. So, what exactly […]

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  • Upgrade! – Notes and BEO Terms & Conditions

    Today we released a handful of new features for everyone to enjoy. First off, we’ve added the ability to add notes/comments to all Accounts, Contacts, Bookings, and BEOs. Notes are organized with the most recent note at the top of the list. Notes are only editable and deletable by the person who created the note […]

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  • Upgrade! – BEOs get better!

    Update: we’ve replaced our old BEO system with SmartDocs. SmartDocs allow customers to generate all kinds of documents, such as BEOs, invoices, proposals, menus, and more! Click here to see some sample BEOs generated using Tripleseat’s SmartDocs. This week we’re introducing a few new features to the BEOs section of Tripleseat, per popular request. Microsoft […]

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  • Upgrade! – Introducing the Public BEO

    Today we rolled out out some new features and tweaks to Tripleseat. The most notable new feature is the ability to make your BEOs publicly viewable to anyone and everyone through Tripleseat. How does it work? Create or edit a BEO and click on the “make publicly viewable checkbox” and save. Now, on the BEO […]

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  • Major Graphical Overhaul

    Egads! Tripleseat has been upgraded substantially with a new Look n’ Feel. It took us a bit of time to get everything into place, but we think it was well worth the effort. Previously, there were a number of design-related loose ends hanging out. Of course, there still are some, and we’ll definitely be changing […]

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