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  • New Releases Fireside Chat: 2019 Year in Review

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent fireside chat on Facebook Live. We talked about four of our top 10 features from 2019 with special guest speaker Marcus Craigwell from our Business Development Team. If you missed the live feed, don’t worry. I’ll link to it below. But first, let’s chat about those […]

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  • 8 Ideas to Write About for Your VENUES by Tripleseat Blog

    If you’ve been following our tips over the last few weeks on creating your VENUES by Tripleseat profile, you’ve filled out your venue’s description and contact info; selected your venue categories, event types, amenities, cuisine, and dining style; provided details and images for your event spaces; and uploaded gorgeous photos that show off your venue. […]

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  • New Releases Fireside Chat: December 2019

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our December new feature fireside chat on Facebook Live. We introduced a lot of great features last month and had a blast chatting about them. If you missed the live feed, don’t worry. I’ll link to it below. But first, let’s chat about those new features. Events are […]

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  • New Venue Directory Feature: Add Blog Posts to Your Listing

    You may have noticed that our venue directory, VENUES by Tripleseat, just went through a major redesign. We’ve got all of the VENUES updates here, but let’s talk about the biggest changes: Tripleseat customers can write and add blog posts to their listing. Being able to write your own blog posts and feature them on […]

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  • How to Use Marketing Tools to Boost Tripleseat Leads

    If you’re a Tripleseat customer, you know that our event management software makes collecting, booking, and managing leads much easier. But how do you get more event leads? We recently launched a new webinar that will show you how to combine the power of Tripleseat with modern marketing tools to grow your events business. You […]

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  • Tripleseat Release Notes: October 2019

    The month of October at Tripleseat HQ was one bustling with excitement and hard work. While we were busy moving from a 6,000 square foot office to one that’s 16,000 square feet, we were also cooking up some awesome new features for you, our customers. Embeddable form to now offer captcha In order to help […]

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