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  • Big Event Fail: A Tent Terror

    It’s true that some event fails happen when you least expect them and occur at the worst possible times — that’s why we call them big event fails. Event managers are thrown curveballs all the time in their roles, so the only response is to find the best solution as efficiently as possible and save […]

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  • Charlee Williamson: What’s in Your Bag?

    For this edition of What’s in Your Bag? we spoke to Charlee Williamson, Executive Vice President for Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group. Williamson leads company marketing, sales, technology, analytics, and West Coast operations for six independent restaurants and a catering company. Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group includes Brennan’s, Red Fish Grill, Napoleon House, Ralph’s on the Park, […]

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  • Five Questions with Monday Night Brewing

    Since Monday Night Brewing’s first Midtown Atlanta location opened in 2013 followed by its Garage location in 2017, the brewery has attracted many Atlanta residents for its deeply held core values, inviting atmosphere, and delicious beer. We spoke with Shakia Hollis, Monday Night’s Director of Private Events and Community Engagement, about the story behind the […]

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  • Tripleseat Releases First Event Professionals Career Report

    Today, Tripleseat, the leading web-based sales and event management platform for hotels, restaurants, and unique venues, released its first “Event Professionals Career” report, which compiled data from over 200 event planners in the hospitality industry to better understand the career of an event professional. For the first time, Tripleseat conducted a survey to share with leaders […]

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  • 12 Days of Tripleseat Instagram Holiday Photo Challenge

    Happy holiday season, everyone! Now that December has arrived, it is officially acceptable to blast Christmas music, hang lights, and bake endless cookies in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. At Tripleseat, we love celebrating the holiday season just as much as everyone else, which is why we have a special holiday photo challenge that we […]

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  • Big Event Fail: The Holiday Edition

    Event professionals are tasked with the challenging job of handling every last detail that goes into a private event at their venue. The holiday season is an especially busy time for groups dressed in red and green celebrating with corporate parties, social gatherings, large dinners, and so on. While in an ideal world, all events […]

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  • What Event Professionals are Thankful for

    While the months around the holiday season may feel chaotic, remember that it only means your venue is generating great business and hosting guests to enjoy wonderful experiences. For that reason — along with being able to have an exciting career as an event professional — you can feel thankful! We asked some of our […]

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  • 10 Event Planning Nightmares That Keep Our Customers Up at Night

    Happy Halloween to all of our event professionals out there! This scary holiday comes with many haunted stories, spooky decor, and so much candy that your stomach may hurt. Halloween lovers may enjoy exchanging scary stories about haunted abandoned houses or getting lost in a corn maze, all that could be considered “nightmares.” At Tripleseat, […]

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  • Big Event Fail: A Stickler Client

    Certain client requests may sometimes seem a little out of the ordinary and require extra attention to detail, but event teams still must follow the client’s instructions. Some people have certain things that they are sticklers about, which would leave little room for mistakes when managing their events. Chris Pridemore, Tripleseat’s National Account Manager, tells […]

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  • Big Event Fail: A Basement Flood

    As we have learned from our Big Event Fail posts, some things are just out of the event or sales manager’s control. In some situations, all you can do is react in the moment to handle the chaos at hand as quickly and smoothly as possible, all while saving the event for the client. Within […]

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