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  • Lead Reporting with Tripleseat

    You’ve successfully set up a multi-channel marketing campaign using all of the tools at your disposal. You sent out a stellar series of marketing emails, optimized your website, updated your Tripleseat lead forms and added them to your social accounts, set up your DirectBook account and promoted it appropriately, improved your listings on VENUES and […]

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  • 5 Questions with Etch

    Etch, a 4Top Hospitality Group restaurant located in downtown Nashville, has welcomed guests for dinner dates, group gatherings, and private events since opening in 2012. By taking a quick glance at Etch’s Facebook reviews page, you will find five-star ratings from countless customers impressed by the delicious cuisine, incredible service, and proper sanitation procedures; a […]

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  • How Austin Brewery Jester King Reinvented Itself During the Pandemic and Came Back Better Than Ever

    The history of Austin-based Jester King Brewery is not the typical one of most breweries or restaurants. Yes, its founders got their start with homebrewing, but the brewery’s building and grounds have gone through some unusual changes. The building is an old machine shop from southern Texas that was taken apart and put back together […]

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  • How the Sands Hotel and Spa Made a COVID Comeback

    The Sands Hotel & Spa is close to the California vacation hotspot of Palm Springs and the location of the annual Coachella concert festival. But the resort — the first designer boutique hotel in the prominent and exclusive community of Indian Wells, Calif. — had to put some of their business on hold as the […]

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  • Whitney Eccher of 4Top Hospitality: What’s in Your COVID Bag?

    We’ve switched up our What’s In Your Bag? feature to focus on what event professionals are carrying in their bag of tricks while running a business during the pandemic. We tapped the brain of one of our favorite event professionals and Tripleseat customer, Whitney Eccher, who is the Senior Sales Manager for 4Top Hospitality in […]

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  • 3 Creative Ideas to Take Your Restaurant Into the Fall Season

    During the 2020 pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of inventive ideas coming out of the hospitality industry, from to-go cocktails, to microparties and microweddings, spaces designed for social distancing, and virtual or hybrid events. As we move into the fall season, Tripleseat customers are sharing a new wave of creative ideas designed to drive bookings […]

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  • Restaurants with the Best Takeout and Delivery in Your Area

    Takeout and delivery have become a necessity for customers who are spending more time at home and less time in public spaces in order to avoid the coronavirus. As a way to help promote our restaurant customers, we’ve put together this public list of restaurants across the United States that offer takeout and delivery services […]

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  • How Restaurants Prepare for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it is a popular time for restaurants to attract diners celebrating the holiday of love. While not all people celebrate Valentine’s Day out and about, many couples, friends, and singles will be looking to dine at a special place on Feb. 14. We asked our customers how […]

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