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  • Here's Latha….

    I am very excited to introduce “in residence Event Planner ” expert Latha Youngren. Currently Latha is an Event and Management Consultant but before that she was the Private Events Sales Manager at Tripleseat customer ilili in New York City. Her experience as a Private Event Sales Manager, former user of Tripleseat and now Event […]

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  • BigOmaha is HUGE

    In early 2008 when my partners at Brightmix,Dusty and Kevin, told me that they were sick and tired of the perception people had of Omaha I just shrugged it off as a rant. Being from Boston and surrounded by technology snobs and MIT genius I could not really relate to what they were talking about. […]

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  • Congrats to Dusty and Brightmix

    Dusty Davidson Co-Founder of Brightmix and Partner with Tripleseat was just announced to the Midlands Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 for 2008. Dusty along with Kevin Zink (Co-founder of Brightmix and Partner with Tripleseat) are hard working, imaginative, fun guys who are obsessed with providing great software.They are currently working on a new feature for […]

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