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  • Behind the Seats: Erik Dickison

    The second edition of our Behind the Seats Facebook Live series featured Tripleseat’s Director of Partners and Integrations, Erik Dickison. Erik’s been with Tripleseat for five years now and has a strong background in hospitality. I sat down with him this week and talked about his work, his passions, and of course, his favorite dad […]

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  • Behind the Seats: Jono Morse

    We hosted our inaugural Behind the Seats Facebook Live series this week, featuring the founder and CEO of Tripleseat, Jono Morse. We had a lot of fun and also got some great input from Tripleseat’s fearless leader about the company, his background, reasons for wanting to build an event management software, and of course, his […]

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  • 8 Questions for Tripleseat’s CEO and Founder Jonathan Morse

    Typically our Founder and CEO Jonathan (Jono) Morse like to keep his stories to just friends and family, but we convinced him to answer some questions on Tripleseat and some personal info too! 1. Let’s start with the obvious question. Why did you start Tripleseat? My background has always been in hospitality, whether being a […]

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  • Tripleseat Employee Spotlight: Mayra Alosco

    This month, our Employee Spotlight is shining on Account Manager Mayra Alosco. Watch her Facebook Live appearance with Marketing and Event Manager Kate Kennedy to get to know more about Mayra’s history at Tripleseat, her tips for using Tripleseat features, and a few questions just for fun (Would Mayra rather be a tiny elephant or […]

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  • Tripleseat Support Is The Best

    Everyone at Tripleseat takes the support of our customers very very very seriously. End of story. Period. According to Zendesk, one of the largest online customer support platform, Tripleseat’s first reply time to support tickets is 15 hours(!) shorter than our industry average. This is better than 95% of all of the Zendesk customers.  Our first response […]

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  • Party People Heads to NYC for Happy Hour

    Our own Brian Neste (Product and Customer Relations Guru), Caroline Wise (Support and Account Manager Superstar), Marcus Craigwell (Inside Sales  and Ambassador of Fun), Ben Faden (Sales Director Extraordinaire), and me, Latha Youngren (Director of All Things Marketing) hosted happy hour drinks for Tripleseat Customers and Party People at the amazing Zuma NYC on September 22, […]

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  • Event Planning Sucks Less with Tripleseat

    Who doesn’t love a party? Good food, fun drinks and friends. Even off site meetings can be fun. When you go to a good event or banquet you know it. You can tell that the host paid attention to the details and the restaurant or event venue executed well. What most people don’t realize is […]

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  • Happy 4th of July weekend

    Happy 4th of July weekend from all of us here at Tripleseat! First off, we hope you have a great time whatever it is you decide to do this holiday weekend. We here at Tripleseat are truly proud to be Americans! Second, we wanted to compile a list of some of the great American traditions […]

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  • Team Tripleseat in NYC

    Every couple of months, the Tripleseat team takes a trip somewhere to meet with current clients and new prospects. This time around, the east coast team of Jono, Brian, Ben & Latha met up in New York City to strategize a bit and gather input from our customers. Here’s a picture of one of the […]

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  • Revenge of the Marketern…or something.

    Hello there, My name is Alex Knust. I’m the Marketern (or marketing intern) here at Tripleseat. I joined the crew here in Omaha just last month and have had a great start! It’s been great getting to know everyone in the office and I’ve really appreciated the way Dusty, Kevin, Tony, and Rick have all […]

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