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  • Cocktail of the Week: Spiced Coconut Vanilla Steamer

    It’s mid-January which only means one thing for those of us living near Tripleseat’s headquarters, it’s FREEZING. The weather forecast for the upcoming weekend here at HQ is calling for negative temps and snow. I realize that Tripleseat’s customers are spread all throughout the country and beyond and that some of you lucky folks are […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: Prosecco and Apricot Sangria

    I bet you didn’t know that today (Jan. 9) is National Apricot Appreciation Day. Now, not only do you have this very important knowledge, but you also have a delicious drink recipe to celebrate with. You’re welcome! Prosecco and apricot sangria is a delicious concoction that’s easy to batch up. It’s also a great way […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: The Classic Champagne Cocktail

    The Champagne Cocktail is a drink that is as classic as it is retro in style and taste. Its origin dates back as early as the mid 19th century as it’s mentioned in Jerry Thomas’, The Bon Vivant’s Companion, published in 1862. One sip evokes a high-brow disposition; you’re immediately transported to one of The […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: The Happy New Year

    It’s time to say goodbye to 2019, and hello to 2020. No matter what your plans may be for New Year’s Eve, this festive cocktail is a great addition to any event, even if that event is watching the ball drop on TV from the comforts of your own home. I love how the ruby […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: Hot Mulled Cider

    It’s the holiday season, and with Christmas literally less than a week away, chances are you’re mapping out what you’ll be bringing to whatever holiday event you have planned. Well if it’s your job to bring something warm, delicious, and satisfying to drink, then I have got you covered. Enter my hot mulled cider recipe. […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: Last-Minute Mulled Wine

    ‘Tis the season for last-minute house guests, and because it’s also the season for Yuletide drinking, you’ll need something fun to serve them. Enter this super-simple recipe for last-minute mulled wine. This drink is so easy to make that you could whip up a bulk batch to serve at your venue. My recipe makes about […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: The Sazerac

    This week Thirsty Thursday evokes an entirely new meaning; Dec. 5 is Repeal Day! What the heck is Repeal Day you might ask? Well, it’s only the most important holiday to bar owners across the country. It was on Dec. 5, 1933, that the ratification of the 21st Amendment repealed the federal laws that enforced […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: The Black Russian

    It’s time to dust off that Thanksgiving hangover and head out to face the elements on this Black Friday. I’m assuming most of you, like me, need some serious reinforcements. Whether you have a turkey hangover or an actual liquor-induced hangover, The Black Russian cocktail will cure it. It’s the epitome of hair of the […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: The Thanksgiving Spritz

    In honor of Thanksgiving being only one week away, and because we know you can never have enough alcohol at the dinner table, we’re giving you a simple cocktail recipe that will please all of the adults in your clan. This drink actually comes to us from Tripleseat support team member, Ally Dettorre, who makes […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: Cranberry Jell-O Shots

    Cranberry sauce? Oh, I thought you said cranberry SHOTS. Well, either way, shots are much more fun. In honor of Thanksgiving being only two weeks away, I thought I’d give you guys something fun to share with family and friends during the holiday of thanks. Because if there’s one thing I’m thankful for this year […]

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