Category: Cocktail of the Week

  • Cocktail of the Week: Autumn Spiced Vodka Tonic

    Let’s be honest, the vodka tonic isn’t exactly an exciting cocktail option. I’m not knocking it, there are certainly times when you just need the simple, no-frill, enjoyment of this fizzy mainstay. But, when you’re craving something a little extra and you just happen to have a bushel of apples sitting on your kitchen counter […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: The Apple Brandy Old Fashioned

    I’m going to keep the autumn feels going with this truly patriotic drink made with America’s original spirit, Applejack. With the intensity of a whiskey but a marked apple taste, Applejack is delicious on its own but also perfect for mixing. I’d say the most popular cocktail that incorporates Applejack is the Jack Rose, but […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: Amaretto Sour (with a twist)

    It’s officially fall, but it still feels like summer here in New England. My twist on the classic Amaretto Sour is the perfect summer to fall transition drink. It’s refreshing on a warm day but also warms the soul on a cool evening. It’s also packed with nutrients, which certainly isn’t something you hear too […]

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  • Cocktail of the Week: Apple Cider Margarita

    As I was perusing my local Whole Foods on Sunday afternoon I noticed workers stocking shelves with my favorite fall treat. There it stood, nestled between overly priced infused water and freshly squeezed orange juice, a beacon of light symbolizing the coming of fall and the return of my most treasured, easy to make and […]

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