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Boost Your Events Business with Tripleseat Plus These Partners

Event management is not something that one person does by themselves. It takes a team effort. At Tripleseat, we know that your events business needs more than just our software. You need a team of tools to help with all of the pieces that come with managing events and running a business.

We know that Tripleseat is the center of your universe, but we recognize that there are aspects to your business and everyday tasks outside of the scope of our software. Therefore, we continue to integrate and partner with the best tools out there to enhance your universe and make your job more cohesive. And that’s why we partner with the best companies to give you the ability to operate seamlessly within Tripleseat to access your most-used daily tools without leaving our site. If you haven’t yet connected your Tripleseat account with our partners and integrations, here’s a look at what’s available:

SevenRooms is an all-in-one reservation, seating, and guest management platform. Our partnership with SevenRooms enables restaurant front of house staff and event managers to seamlessly share reservation information and event details, helping to maximize space in the restaurant, and drive faster, more efficient sales to increase revenue. Reach out to our support team to sync your SevenRooms account and Tripleseat.

Credit cards
Tripleseat customers have two options for credit card partners: BluePay and Stripe. ACH payments are available through both of these merchant partners, and they charge less for ACH payments — visit our website on payment solutions for a full list of rates. The integration between these processors and your Tripleseat account enables your guests to quickly, easily, and securely make payments or store credit cards for future authorization.

We know you can’t live without your Tripleseat events calendar, and that’s why we’ve integrated with two partners to make your event bookings even more accessible. Sync your Tripleseat account with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook so your entire schedule is combined in one calendar that you can view on any computer or mobile device.

Floor plans
Seating arrangements and floor plans are an important part of planning any event, and so we work with two companies to help event professionals incorporate those details into their Tripleseat event management. AllSeated‘s platform includes tools such as managed guest lists, 3D floorplans to-scale, 360 Realplans-3D, virtual reality walk-throughs, seating charts, timelines, mobile check-in and more. Social Tables users can add customized online floor plans and seating charts to their Tripleseat bookings through the Social Tables suite of products. Connect with our support team to link your Tripleseat account with these floor plan tools.

When you combine the power of digital marketing with Tripleseat, you can expand your reach and grow your events business.

Start with Bizly, a next-generation platform for booking and managing small meetings. Bizly drives more leads to Tripleseat customers by adding them to their listing service, which is used by event planners to book private dining venues.

If your venue has a Facebook business page, you can add our Tripleseat app to it as a convenient way for users to easily submit a lead inquiry without leaving Facebook. Follow these instructions to sync your Facebook page and Tripleseat lead features.

There are a lot of email service providers available for businesses to connect with customers and prospects. Our partnerships with Constant Contact, Fishbowl, and Mailchimp allow your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue to access and add to your email and Tripleset contact database so you can easily contact your list with email marketing messages that promote your events business. Our email marketing partners go above and beyond to help restaurants succeed — watch this webinar we did with Constant Contact on how to create and send an email in just 15 minutes. Link your accounts in Tripleseat by going to the Settings link in the left hand menu, scrolling down to Resources, clicking Integrations, and following the instructions for the email service provider you use.

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Use the best tools to create better events
Tripleseat already provides you with the top event management features to streamline event planning and sales. Take it to the next level by adding our reservations, credit card, hotel, calendar, floor plan, and marketing partnerships and integrations and get access to all of the features you need in one place: your Tripleseat account. We’re adding new partners all the time, so take a look at our partners and integrations marketplace page to access our current list.

If you’re a Tripleseat customer log in and get access to our features, partners, and integrations. If you’re not yet a Tripleseat customer, now is the time to get started with the best event management software in the industry! Schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.


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