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BigOmaha is HUGE

In early 2008 when my partners at Brightmix,Dusty and Kevin, told me that they were sick and tired of the perception people had of Omaha I just shrugged it off as a rant. Being from Boston and surrounded by technology snobs and MIT genius I could not really relate to what they were talking about.

Fast forward to May of 2009 and BigOmaha.  BigOmaha by their description is ” What happens when the country’s foremost creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators descend on one place? That place explodes. Which is precisely what we plan for Omaha.

The energy will be impossible to contain. We will begin building communities, companies and friendships. We will inspire new thoughts and completely new ways of thinking. We will develop visions: personal, shared, and civic.”

The best part of this is that BigOmaha was thought of and produced by Dusty, Jeff Slobotski and the  team over at Brighmix. These guys took a idea and fierce sense of pride in their town and created what can only be said is the best conference I have ever been too.

To be honest, I was embarrassed to say I was from Boston because I have never, I mean never,  seen what these guys from “Omaha” did in Boston.  All the speakers had original thoughts around a theme that most people never even want to talk about. Everyone was genuine and not there to promote a product or to prove they were the smartest guy in the room (try pulling that off in ‘Ol Beantown) No long winded speeches on theory and conjecture but real world examples of what works and what does not when it comes to technology and life.

So I am putting Boston on notice, watch out, because Omaha is coming and they are kicking ass.


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