Author: Rachel Calkins

  • 10 Questions With Palihouse in West Hollywood

    In the bustling city of Los Angeles, it’s not always easy to find a place as welcoming, serene, and unique as the Palihouse in West Hollywood. Many natives may not even realize the Palihouse exists right in their neighborhood due to its minimal signage, but it is definitely a hidden gem that you should consider […]

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  • Big Event Fail: A Mistake on the Dance Floor

    Event professionals know that one of the keys to a successful event is attention to detail. It would be an unfortunate mistake to forget a dining table, food station, or decoration request that the party host expects from your venue. However, there are times where a group may assume your venue includes an amenity that […]

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  • How to Improve Restaurant Sales with Our TripAdvisor Partnership

    TripAdvisor is not only the world’s largest travel site, but it is also one of the largest restaurant sites in the world. Represented in 49 markets worldwide, with 4.9 million listed restaurants across the globe, and 200 million average monthly restaurant visits, TripAdvisor’s reach in the restaurant community is undeniable.  Even better? Tripleseat customers can […]

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  • Welcome to TARP: Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform

    Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform, otherwise known as TARP,  is an advanced feature subscription that gives you access to reporting above and beyond the existing Tripleseat reporting dashboard. TARP brings you many different reports in various categories that will help any Tripleseat user make the most of their data. To subscribe to TARP, simply go to […]

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  • Big Event Fail: Guest Count Doubling Debate

    While preparing for an event, ensuring that the guest count will fit comfortably in the event room is a crucial part of the preparation process. It is also important that the interested party understands the maximum guest count for a given space and how having more guests could backfire on the experience. For this week’s […]

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  • Big Event Fail: A Back-to-Back Booking

    The goal of every event manager is to make sure that their venue is booked to maximum capacity as frequently as possible in order to generate the most revenue. Sometimes this may even include booking parties for back-to-back events in a single day — which, as one could imagine, would be a hectic day for […]

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  • The Top 6 Mistakes Restaurants Make on Their Websites

    Current technology has taken over the days of putting together a binder of your favorite restaurant menus, and most diners now rely on an Internet search to find a restaurant to hold their next event or plan their next night out. So it’s essential that your restaurant’s website is in top condition by providing the […]

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  • Big Event Fail: A Wedding Reception Weather Disaster

    As the Sales & Event Manager for RW Events at the Cypress Grove Estate in Orlando, Fla., Alecia Nagle experiences the good and bad that comes with preparing her venue for a bride’s big day. Cypress Grove is a stunning Florida estate with beautiful outdoor decor, perfect for any wedding photography. The one catch though, […]

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  • Big Event Fail: An Unexpected Technical Incident

    There are some days where everything feels like it’s falling into place. Your events are coming together easily, and you’re having a typical, regular workweek. However, an event professional should always expect the unexpected and have a Plan B at the ready. Chelsea Messick, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager at Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum […]

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