Author: Madison Eubanks

  • 5 Productive Things Restaurants Can Do During Slow Periods

    It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the restaurant and hospitality industry. Around the world, restaurants are temporarily shuttering their dining rooms and trying to stay afloat on takeout and delivery — resulting in a lot of downtime for restaurant chefs, managers, and remaining staff. While this slow period is obviously […]

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  • Marketing Tips: Optimizing Your Business’ Facebook Page

    In the age of social media, your business’ Facebook page is often your first touchpoint with potential guests. Think of it like your online business card — it’s where many people go to see your hours, your menu and to contact you. It may seem obvious, but having correct, up-to-date info on your Facebook page […]

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  • 8 Ways to Support Local Restaurants During the Coronavirus

    As people around the globe are being implored to stay home and avoid social settings, the restaurant industry is bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic’s negative economic effects. More and more restaurants are being ordered to move to a takeout/delivery-only model for the foreseeable future, causing food service workers to be laid off and […]

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  • 7 Ways to Drive Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    All around the world, restaurants, venues, and catering companies are feeling the negative effects of the spreading coronavirus. With many cities banning large public gatherings and encouraging social distancing, even unaffected areas are experiencing a downturn in events and dining out.  We’re offering a webinar with more tips on adjusting to the current climate of […]

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