Author: Kevin Zink

  • Upgrade! – BEOs get better!

    Update: we’ve replaced our old BEO system with SmartDocs. SmartDocs allow customers to generate all kinds of documents, such as BEOs, invoices, proposals, menus, and more! Click here to see some sample BEOs generated using Tripleseat’s SmartDocs. This week we’re introducing a few new features to the BEOs section of Tripleseat, per popular request. Microsoft […]

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  • Upgrade! – Introducing the Public BEO

    Today we rolled out out some new features and tweaks to Tripleseat. The most notable new feature is the ability to make your BEOs publicly viewable to anyone and everyone through Tripleseat. How does it work? Create or edit a BEO and click on the “make publicly viewable checkbox” and save. Now, on the BEO […]

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  • Major Graphical Overhaul

    Egads! Tripleseat has been upgraded substantially with a new Look n’ Feel. It took us a bit of time to get everything into place, but we think it was well worth the effort. Previously, there were a number of design-related loose ends hanging out. Of course, there still are some, and we’ll definitely be changing […]

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  • Developing a CRM for Restaurant People

    Hi Everyone – I’m Kevin Zink, one of the founders and developers of Tripleseat. Since Jono has been bogarting this blogspace, I thought I’d sneak in and mix things up a bit. If you’ve read any of Jono’s posts, you’ll find out that he’s got a lot of experience in the restaurant and hotel industry. […]

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